Bhujanga Lalita Murthy | Lord Shiva wearing Snakes as Ornaments

Bhujanga Lalita Murthy Lord Shiva

Bhujanga Lalita Murthy Lord Shiva

Bhujanggalalitamurti is the form of Lord Shiva, when the serpents are associated with Lord Shiva in the form of Ornaments. As Lord Shiva is known for wearing the serpents as Garlands round his neck, he is also called as Nagabhushana. Serpents form a primary part of Lord Shiva’s Ornaments.

Lord Shiva wears the serpents all over his body, especially round his neck, arms and waist. It is not known that since when the serpents are associated with Lord Shiva, but the serpents have been well associated with Lord Vishnu as well. Lord Vishnu rests on the gigantic snake called Adhiseshu.

There is well known Story about the devotion of Serpents towards Lord Shiva. In this Story, along with the Serpents, there are also an Elephant and a spider. The Story collectively describes about the devotion all the three beings towards Lord Shiva, being called as ShreeKaalaHasthi, where Shree is the Spider, Kaala is the Snake and Hasti is the Elephant. Out of these the serpent has gained a permanent association with Lord Shiva and has become a part of Lord Shiva’s typical ornaments. It has gained such importance in the presence of Lord Shiva that no one can imagine the portrayal of Lord Shiva without the serpent as the garland around his neck.

It is also believed that if one offers the Prayers to the Nagaraja, the god of Serpents, the Prayers are also dirested towards the Lord Shiva. Thus, Bhujanggalalitamurti is also known as Nagabhushana, which means the Lord Shiva is wearing the Serpent as one of the main Ornaments.

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