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Sri Kshetra Ganagapura Dattatreya no-watermark

Sri Kshetra Ganagapura Dattatreya no-watermark

Bhima Pushkaralu (Bhima River Pushkarams) is a festival of River Bhima (River Bhimarathi | River Bhima | River Tamraparni) which comes once in 12 years. In 2018, Bhima Pushkaralu begins on October 12 and ends on October 23. Bhimarathi Pushkarams begins as Jupiter enters into Vrischika Rashi (Guru Peyarchi in Vrischika Rashi).

Bhimarathi Pushkaralu – Muhurtha

Bhimarathi Pushkara prarambha Muhurtha – 7.18 PM, Thursday, 11 October 2018 (Shukla Paksha Tritiya in Ashwina Masa (Ashwayuja Masam).

Bhimarathi Pushkara Antya Muhurtham – 23 October 2018. Bhimarathi Pushkarams were held previously in 2006.

Bhima River, one of the major rivers in South India, flows southeast for 861 kilometres through Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana states, before entering the Krishna River. After the first sixty-five kilometers in a narrow valley through rugged terrain, the banks open up and form a fertile agricultural area which is densely populated. The river is also referred to as Chandrabhaga River, especially at Pandharpur, as it resembles the shape of the Moon.

River Bhima originates near Bhimashankar Temple in the Bhimashankar hills in Khed Taluka on the western side of the Western Ghats, known as Sahyadri, in Pune District, Maharashtra.

This River has a number of tributaries in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana, namely Vel River, Sina river, Nira river, Mula-Mutha river, Chandani river, Kamini river, Kukadi river, Man river, Bhogavati river, Indrayani river, Ghod River, Bhama River, Pavana river and Kagna river.

Bhimarathi River Pushkarams – Temples / Holy Places

The famous temples on the banks of Bhima River are – Bhimashankar, one of the twelve esteemed Jyotirlinga shrines; Siddhatek, Siddhivinayak Temple of Ashtavinayak Ganesh; Pandharpur Vithoba Temple in Solapur district of Maharashtra; Sri Dattatreya Temple, Ganagapura, Gulbarga district, Karnataka; Shri Kshetra Ghattargi Bhagamma, Ghattargi, Gulbarga District, Karnataka; Sri Kshetra Hulakantheshwar Temple, Heroor (B), Gulbarga District, Karnataka; Sri Kshetra Rasangi Balabheemasena Temple in Rasanagi, Jevargi Taluka, Gulbarga district, Karnataka; Sri Kshetra Kolakoor Siddhabasaveshwara Temple in Kolakoor, Jevargi Taluka, Gulbarga district, Karnataka.

The river Bheema had its origin in Bheema Shankar Jyothirlinga of Maharaashtra and reaches Ganagapur of Karnataka and merges in Krishna river. One of the Datta avatara, Sri Nrusimha Saraswati Swamy spent most of his time on the banks of river Bheema at Ganagapur in Karnataka state and hence the river is dearer to Lord Dattatreya.

Ganagapura is most important place for Narasimha Saraswati Swamy. Bhima is one of the tributary of Krishna. He ended his Avatara at the bank of Krishna river i.e., at Kadalivana of Shrisailam. Because of all these incidents, the river Bheema had its importance as a powerful and pious river.

During Bhimarathi pushkaram pilgrims from all over the country will have a holy dip with the belief that they would be relieved from all sins, and perform rituals to departed souls.It is believed that during pushkaram all deities and rishies take holy dip, a holy dip in Bhima which will enhance one’s spiritual, mental and physical abilities.

Pushkaram is a festival of rivers pertains to 12 important rivers in India which occurs once in 12 years for each river. The river for each year festival is based on the presence of Jupiter on which Zodiac sign by that time.

It is believed that Pushkarudu, also known as pushkar God who is powerful to make any river holy will travel with Jupiter, as Jupiter travels from one Zodiac sign to another Zodiac sign.

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