Bhima Pushkaralu in Telangana | Places for 2018 Pushkara Snanam in Telangana

Temples on the banks of Bhima River will be crowded during Bhima Pushkarams (Bhimarathi Pushkaralu) in 2018. It is a festival of River Bhima (River Bhimarathi | River Bhima | River Tamraparni) which comes once in 12 years. In 2018, Bhima Pushkaralu begins on October 12 and ends on October 23. Bhimarathi Pushkarams begins as Jupiter enters into Vrischika Rashi (Guru Sankramanam in Vrischika Rashi).

Bhima River, one of the major rivers in South India, flows southeast for 861 kilometres through Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana states, before entering the Krishna River. As it flows majorly through Maharashtra and Karnataka, there are many temples and holy places are situated on this River banks.

In Telangana, River Bhima merges with River Krishna at Tangidi village in Maganoor Mandal of Mahabubnagar district. This is also referred to as Sri Sangam. According to Guru Charitra (Dattatreya Charitra), this Merging Point is known as ‘Nirvruthi Sangamam’.

The river Krishna and Bhima have a special role in Hindu Culture. River Bhima flows here towards South direction. As per Puranas, this is equally holier to Ganga River at Kashi, holi place at Gaya as people will get the “Punya” when they bath at “Pushkara”. And one more thing is Dattatreya Swamy moved on the bank of this river as mentioned in Guru Charitra and many holy scriptures related to Sri Datta Bhagawan.

According to Gurucharitra, Swamy Sreepada Vallabha incarnation of Dattatreya is place “KURUVAPURAM” is very near to this Sangamam. As this place having special importance and this Sangam is only the entry place of Krishna River in to Telangana so this Sangam having Important role.

This place has some historical significance too as in 1557-58, the King of Vijayanagara “Ramaraya” defeated Bahmani Sultan and negotiated a pact over Sultans of Qutub Shahi, Adilshahi, Nizamshahi and Barid Shahi on the bank of this Sangamam.

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As part of the preparations, the district administration is planning to set up four bathing ghats – one for the VIPs and three for the general public which will come up in Kusumoorthi, Sukunoor Lingampally and Thangidi villages. For the convenience of the devotees, the administration is also planning to set up a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, to lay bituminous (BT) roads and create parking spaces.

The officials are expecting a large number of devotees from across Telangana as well as the neighbouring States like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. One Extension Officer of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development (EOPRD) will be in-charge of each bathing ghat and he will be assisted by Panchayat secretaries while 15 sanitation workers also employed on each ghat.

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