Bhagwan Ayodhyapati Siyavar Shri Ramchandra

Lord Sri Rama Lakshmana Hanuman

Lord Sri Rama Lakshmana Hanuman

Lord Ram is addressed as Bhagwan Ayodhyapati Siyavar Shri Ramchandra by His subject and devotees. This Lord is affiliated as an Avatar of Vishnu. His abode is Ayodhya in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. His weapon is the bow. His consort is Sita. He belongs to Hinduism. In Hinduism, Lord Ram is the seventh avatar of the Lord Vishnu.

In Hindu scriptures, he is a king of Ayodhya. It is to be highly noted that Ram is regarded as the Supreme Being in few Ram-centric sects and not as an avatar. It is to be remembered that he was born in Suryavansha that is known as Ikshvaku Vansh) later called as Raghuvansha after king named Raghu.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, there weren’t any temples dedicated to Rama much prior to the eleventh century across India because he was considered as human. On the other hand, in the sixteenth century only, Rama bhakti poetry started to emerge in different parts of India. In Hinduism, he is one of the many popular deities and figures. He is also specifically considered as a figure and deity in various Vaishnava religious scriptures and Vaishnavism in Southeast Asia and South India. The birthplace of Ram is Ayodhya. As an infant, he is worshipped as Ram Lalla.

The historic Epic named Ramayana give elaborated details of Ram’s life. He was the son of Dasharatha, king of Ayodhya and Kausalya. He is their eldest son. Within Hinduism, Ram is referred to as Maryada Purushottam which literally means Lord of Virtue or Lord of Self-Control or the Perfect Man. He is the husband of Sita who is embodiment of perfect womanhood and considered in Hinduism as an Avatar of Lakshmi.

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