Bathukamma 2016, Bathukamma Festival date in 2016

Bathukamma 1

Bathukamma 1

Bathukamma Panduga or Bathukamma festival is the largest regional festival in Telangana. In 2016, Bathukamma festival date is October 8. Bathukamma panduga starts on Mahalaya Amavasya which falls on September 30 and ends on October 8 with Chaddula Bathukamma (Pedda Bathukamma or Chattala Bathukamma).

As per some local beliefs, in some places it is celebrated on October 9, Sunday. Bathukamma Festival is observed on the Durgashtami or Maha Ashtamiday or on Maha Navami. In Telangana, Bathukamma Panduga is the most celebrated festival during Durga Saran Navaratri.

Bathukamma Panduga – 9 Festive days during Durga Navaratri in Telangana:

First day of Bathukamma festival is called as Engili Poola Bathukamma which falls on 30 September 2016. The sixth day of Bathukamma is Arremu which falls on October 5 in 2016. During Bathukamma panduga, Gauri Puja is the main ritual to observe. Gauri Puja is performed in a very simple way by singing some special songs on Bathukamma (Goddess Gauri).

Goddess Gowri is worshipped in the form of Bathukamma during 9-day Bathukamma festival. On Chaddula Bathukamma festival (October 8 in 2016), Bathukamma nimajjanam or vallarimpu is performed.

Bathukamma Palaharam or naivedyam for nine days of Bathukamma

Bathukamma Songs Telugu Lyrics (Bathukamma Paatalu in Telugu)

Bathukamma legend: story of Bathukamma festival

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Bathukamma sand sculpture by Tarani Prasad Misro

9 Days of Phalaharam for Bathukamma

9 Days of Bathukamma Festival

Engili Poola Bathukamma

Atukula Bathukamma

Muddhapappu Bathukamma

Nanabiyyam Bathukamma

Atla Bathukamma

Aligina Bathukamma (Arremu)

Vepakayala Bathukamma

Vennamuddhala Bathukamma

Saddhula Bathukamma

Bathukamma Festival in other countries

Bathukamma festival 2016 in USA – October 8

Bathukamma festival 2016 in Canada – October 8

Bathukamma festival 2016 in UK & other European countries – October 8

Bathukamma festival 2016 in UAE & other Gulf countries – October 8

Bathukamma festival 2016 in Singapore – October 8

Bathukamma festival 2016 in Malaysia – October 8

Bathukamma festival 2016 in Australia – October 9

Bathukamma festival 2016 in New Zealand – October 9

Bathukamma festival 2016 in South Africa & other African countries – October 8

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