Bathukamma 2023 | Bathukamma Festival in Telangana | Bathukamma Panduga

Bathukamma aata

Batukamma Panduga or Bathukamma festival is the largest regional festival celebrated during Durga Navratri in Telangana state. In Telugu, ‘Bathukamma means ‘come alive Mother Goddess’. Bathukamma represents the Mother Goddess Gauri (Gauramma). In 2023, Bathukamma Festival begins on October 14 to October 22. On Bathukamma festival, Goddess Gauri is worshipped in the form of Bathukamma. Boddemma […]

Batukamma Legend, Story of Bathukamma Festival

Batukamma festival or Bathukamma Panduga is the largest festival of Telangana region in Andhra Pradesh. It was started centuries ago and still celebrated as grand cultural event in this place. The legend of Batukamma Panduga is mentioned in one of the historical texts scripted in Telugu. Centuries ago, King Dharmangada of Chola Dynasty used to […]

Bathukamma 2016, Bathukamma Festival date in 2016

Bathukamma Panduga or Bathukamma festival is the largest regional festival in Telangana. In 2016, Bathukamma festival date is October 8. Bathukamma panduga starts on Mahalaya Amavasya which falls on September 30 and ends on October 8 with Chaddula Bathukamma (Pedda Bathukamma or Chattala Bathukamma). As per some local beliefs, in some places it is celebrated on […]

Bathukamma 2015, Bathukamma Festival date in 2015

Bathukamma aata

Bathukamma 2015, Bathukamma Festival 2015 date, Bathukamma Panduga 2015, Bathukamma festival in Telangana. Batukamma Panduga (Batukamma Festival) is the biggest festival in Telangana state. In 2015, Batukamma date is October 20. On this festival, Batukammas are worshipped. Batukamma is the representation of Patron Goddess – Maha Gauri. The fetival is celebrated during the nine days […]

Bathukamma Images (Photo Gallery)

Here is the Photo Gallery of Bathukamma (images). Bathukamma is a cultural festival of Telangana state. It is also recognised as the State Festival of newly born Telangana state. Scroll down for Bathukamma images…..

Bathukamma Rituals

Bathukamma Rituals – what are the rituals and customs of Bathukamma festival? Bathukamma is the festival celebrated for nine days during Durga navratri in south India. It is especially popular in the Telangana region in Andhra Pradesh. The festival begins on Mahalaya Amavasya and ends on the day of Durgashtami. In the year 2013, it […]

Bathukamma Songs | Bathukamma Paatalu Free MP3 Download

Bathukamma festival is a traditional yet colourful festival of Telangana region in Andhra Pradesh. Bathukamma Paatalu (songs), Bathukamma aata and Bathukamma nimajjanam are the three important aspects of Bathukamma Panduga. Bathukamma Paatalu or the songs which are sung during Bathukamma aata depict the rich and vivid culture of Telangana. Bathukamma Bathukamma Uyyalo Bagaru Bathukamma Uyyalo […]

Bathukamma 2011 Celebrations by Telangana Jagruti, Ooroora Bathukamma Festival

Bathukamma festival is the biggest cultural festival of Telangana region in Andhra Pradesh. Bathukamma 2011 date is October 4. The festival starts on September 27 and ends on October 4 with Saddula Bathukamma and Bathukamma nimajjanam. This year, Telangana Jagruti, a cultural organization, will celebrate Batukamma vedukalu in the association of TNews Channel & Telangana Rashtra […]

Bathukamaa 2013 in Melbourne, Bathukamma Sambaralu in Melbourne

Melbourne Telangana Forum Inc, Australia celebrates Bathukamma festival on 6th October 2013. The festival of flowers is a free event. Bathukamma is the festival of difference where Goddess Gauri is worshipped in eco-friendly way. In 2013, Bathukamma festival begins on 4th October and ends on 13th October. Bathukamma is the most celebrated Telangana festival during Navratri. Melbourne celebrates […]