Basumata Puja

Basumata Puja is the fourth and concluding day of Raja Sankranti festival in Odisha. In 2013, Basumata Puja date is June 17.

During this festival Mother Earth or “Basu Mata” is considered to be a menstruating woman. Hence digging of soil or tempering it in any way is strictly prohibited. The Mother Earth is said to undergo pollution due to menstruation and given rest just like a woman imposed wit h several restrictions.

Raja is also considered as one of the chief festivals of un-married girls. Young unmarried Girls in the house are advised not to cook or do any work for these 3 days. Mostly older ladies in home and sometimes men do all the household works for these 3 days in order to make their girl kids and children free to enjoy the festival at its full length.

Girls are seen in colourful new dresses and put Alata in their feet. Their only job during these 3 days is to engage themselves in merry making activities, playing cards, eating and distributing paans, singing songs while playing the swings.

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