Skanda Sashti 2013 dates (Kanda Sashti 2013)

lord muruga

Skanda Sashti 2013 dates, Kanda Sashti 2013, when Skanda Sashti begins in 2013, when Skanda Sashti ends in 2013? Skanda Sashti, Kanda Shashti, is a six-day festival celebrated in the Tamil month of Aippasi masam. In 2013, Skanda Sashti starts on November 3 and ends on November 8. Tirukalyanam 2013 date is 9 November. Timetable of […]

Basumata Puja

Basumata Puja is the fourth and concluding day of Raja Sankranti festival in Odisha. In 2013, Basumata Puja date is June 17. During this festival Mother Earth or “Basu Mata” is considered to be a menstruating woman. Hence digging of soil or tempering it in any way is strictly prohibited. The Mother Earth is said […]