Raja Sankranti 2022 | Mithuna Sankranti (Swing Festival)

Raja Sankranti, also known as Mithuna Sankranti or Ashad Sankranti or Swing festival, is one of the major festivals of Orissa which is celebrated in order to welcome monsoon season. It is a 3-day festival which marks the beginning of the agricultural activities. Raja Sankranti 2022 date is June 15. Raja Sankranti festival is celebrated […]

Mithuna Sankranti 2020

Mithuna Sankranti (Midhun Sankramana) is the day when Sun transits into Mithun Rasi (Gemini zodiac) from Taurus zodiac or Vrushabha Rasi. Usually it comes in June month. In 2020, Mithuna Sankranti date is June 14. Mithuna Sankranti is also known as Raja Sankranti in Odisha. It is celebrated with gusto for three days. Mithuna Sankranti […]

Rituals of Raja Sankranti for Unmarried girls

Significantly, Raja Sankranti is a festival of the unmarried girls, the potential mothers. They all observe the restrictions prescribed for a menstruating woman. The very first day, they rise before dawn, do their coiffeur, annoint their bodies with turmeric paste and oil and then take the purificatory bath in a river or tank. Peculiarly, bathing […]

Significance of Raja Sankranti

Raja Sankranti is a three day festival which marks the onset of harvest season. It begins with Pahili Raja and ends with Basi Raja. According to popular belief as women menstruate, which is a sing of fertility, so also Mother Earth menstruates. So all three days of the festival are considered to be the menstruating […]

Symbolism of Raja Sankranti celebrations

Other than the significance mentioned in the previous article, what is the symbolism of Raja Sankranti celebrations in Odisha? Why it is celebrated during the beginning of rainy season? Raja Sankranti (Swing festival) or Mithuna Sankranti is the first day of the month of Asara (June-July) from which the season of rains starts. It inaugurates […]

Basumata Puja

Basumata Puja is the fourth and concluding day of Raja Sankranti festival in Odisha. In 2013, Basumata Puja date is June 17. During this festival Mother Earth or “Basu Mata” is considered to be a menstruating woman. Hence digging of soil or tempering it in any way is strictly prohibited. The Mother Earth is said […]

Shesha Raja (Raja Festival celebrations)

Shesha Raja is the last day of Raja Sankranti festival celebrations in Odisha. In 2013, Shesha Raja date is June 16. The most important festival of Orissa, Raja is commonly associated with the farming community and celebrated during the onset of the monsoon. The Raja Sankranti also known as Mithun Sankranti, falls on the first […]

Pahili Raja in Odisha

Pahili Raja is the first day of Raja Sankranti festival in Odisha. In 2013, Pahili Raja date is June 14. It falls on the last day of Jyeshta Month as per Odisha calendar (a day prior to Midhuna Sankranti). And the Raja Sankranti festival marks the beginning of Ashadha Month as per Odiya Panji. Raja […]