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Basaveshwara Founder of Lingayat sect

Basaveshwara Founder of Lingayat sect

Basavanna was born in Karnataka and is a great poet,and a great devotee of Lord Shiva.He was the founder of the Lingayat Movement. He has written many spiritual books.


Basava was born in 1105 AD in Karnataka, and belongs to the Kannada Brahmin community, who is entirely devoted to Lord Shiva. He was named as Basava, which was also one of the names of Lord Nandhikeswara. Basava spent twelve years and studied at a Shaivite school for learning. Basava was married and then he has worked as an accountant in the court of king.

Basava Jayanti is celebrated throughout Karnataka and many places of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.


He initiated many social reforms and spent money for the upliftment of shaivism. He has written many poems, and he has spread it throughout the people. He has given lot of importance in the worship of Lord Shiva. Basavanna was against social discrimination and rituals. He has constructed Anubhava Mantapa, mainly for discussing of spiritual matters for the people.

Basava Purana was made by Palkuriki Somanatha which tells his importance. He is also known as Lord Basaveswara. He has narrated that our own body and soul is a temple. He has stated that the true god is “one within himself”.

While Basava rejected rituals, he encouraged wearing of Shiva Linga and Rudraksha in our body and to apply sacred ash in our body.He has also insisted the people to chant the mantra of Lord Shiva “Om Namah Shivaya” continuously. He formed committees for the welfare of people in the field of agriculture, horticulture, tailoring, weaving, dyeing, and carpentry. He believed in the principle that ‘work is worship’.


1. Shat-sthala-vachana
2. Kala-jnana-vachana
3. Mantra-gopya,
4. Ghatachakra-vachana
5. Raja-yoga-vachana.
6. Vachana Sahitya


A great saint,a great scholar and a great devotee of Lord Shiva was a great man who has fought for the welfare of the people, and was against caste discrimination. He treated all the people as alike, and all the people have equal rights. Through his works, he has explained various principles, which has to be followed by us.

Let us pray to Lord Basavanna for our well being, and for the well being of the entire world, and surrender ourselves to the lotus feet of Lord Basavanna and chant his holy name continuously for ever.


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