Vijaya Dasa | Vijaya Dasaru

Vijaya Dasa (1682–1755), was a great saint from Karnataka, India. He spread the importance of the philosophy of Madhwacharya across South India through his devotional songs. LIFE VijayaDasa was born in a Brahmin family in Karnataka. At a younger age, he went to Varanasi and studied Sanskrit. He became a scholar in Varanasi. Through the […]

Nijaguna Shivayogi | Kannada Author of ‘Vivekachintamani’

Nijaguna Shivayogi (15th century AD) was a great saint and a devotional writer in the Kannada language. He was a follower of Lord Shiva, and he was the ruler of a small region in Mysore. His famous text Vivekachintamani, was written in a simple style and it was stolen the hearts of thousands of readers […]

Vishwesha Tirtha | Sri Sri 1008 Sri Visvesa Tirtha Sripadangalavaru

Sri Vishwesha Tirtha (Śrī Śrī 1008 Śrī Viśveśa-tīrtha Śrīpādaṅgaḷavaru), (1931–2019), was a Madhwa saint and he served as the pontiff of the Sri Pejavara Adokshaja Mutt. Sri Vishvesha Tirtha was under the lineage of Sri Madhvacharya’s disciples. He served as the president of Vishva Tulu Sammelana, and he had founded Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha in Bangalore. He […]

Basava | Basavanna | Lord Basaveshwara

Basaveshwara Founder of Lingayat sect

Basavanna was born in Karnataka and is a great poet,and a great devotee of Lord Shiva.He was the founder of the Lingayat Movement. He has written many spiritual books. BIRTH Basava was born in 1105 AD in Karnataka, and belongs to the Kannada Brahmin community, who is entirely devoted to Lord Shiva. He was named […]

Channabasavanna | Guru Channabasaveshwara

Channa Basavanna was one of the important Lingayat saints of the 12th century. He played a key role in spreading the faith of Lingayats. His uncle was Basavanna, and he was brought up in his house. IMPORTANCE His main devotional writings was the Karana Hasuge, which is a celebrated writing among the lingayats. He made […]

Jagannatha Dasa

Jagannatha Dasa (1728–1809), was born in Karnataka state, was a famous saint in India. He was also a great scholar in Sanskrit. His birth name was Srinivasacharya. He wrote several devotional songs in praise of Lord Hari. His work Harikathamritasara, was considered as a popular divine work, and it was praised by the “HARI BHAKTAS”, […]

Gopala Dasa

Gopala Dasa (1721–1769), was a famous saint belonging to the Madhva tradition. He preached the Dvaita philosophy of Madhvacharya in South India through his various devotional songs. LIFE Gopala Dasa birth name was “Bhaganna”. He was born in a village at Karnataka. He became a disciple of Vijaya Dasa, and was a great composer of […]

Bhagavad Gita PDF in Bengali (Chapter-wise)

Bhagavad Gita PDF in Bengali is provided here. Here you can find the link for Bhagvad Gita free download in Bengali. Bhagvad Gita Bhagvad Gita or simply know as Gita is the Hindu sacred scripture and considered as one of the important scriptures in the history of literature and philosophy. It contains approximately 700 verses […]