Balkampet Yellamma Temple in Hyderabad

Balkampet Yellamma Temple in Hyderabad

Balkampet Yellamma Temple in Hyderabad

Balkampet Yellamma temple in Hyderabad is one of the famous temples dedicated to Goddess Yellamma, a traditional manifestation of Goddess Parvati or Shakti. Sri Yellamma Devasthanam is considered to be existing since 15th century and has got today’s renovated form in the year 1919 as per the historical data available.

The unique feature of this temple is the presiding deity of Yellamma lies 10 feet beneath the ground level (bhoogarbha swayambhu vigraham). There is a well behind the temple of Sri Yellamma in Balkampet which is considered as very sacred that who takes a bath with this water will be cured from all diseases and become healthier. The water of this well is also taken Theertham.

The meaning of the word “Yellamma” is “the mother of all”. It is also believed, Yellamma Devi is the Kaliyuga avatar of Goddess Chinnamastha Devi who is worshipped as one of the Dashamahavidya. But the popular legend says She is believed to be Renuka Devi, mother of Lord Parasurama.

The second renovation of Balkampet Yellamma temple was done in 1983. Devotees can have the darshanam of “Akhanda Jyothi” which was lit by Sri Virupaksha Shankaracharya Swamy at the time of renovation.

The major festival in Yellamma temple is – Yellamma Kalyanotsavam, the divine marriage ceremony of Goddess Yellamma. It is celebrated in Ashada masam. Bonalu in Ashada masam, Durga Navaratri during Dasara in Ashwayuja masam, and Vasantha Navaratri in Chaitra masam are also celebrated with lot of gusto.

Balkampet Yellamma Temple Complex has Addala Mantapam, Sri Ganesha Temple, Sri Pochamma Temple, Sri Nagadevata Temple, Sri Rajarajeshwari Devi Temple, etc. The temple committee is making arrangements to construct Pilgrims Bonalu Complex.

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