Baba Gopal Das

Sant Baba Gopal Das (20th century AD) was born in a pious Sindhi family, in a village in Sindh Province, at Pakistan. He was the disciple of Guru Vishandas. He loved his guru so much and considered him as equivalent to god.

Similar to other Sindhi Saints, he respected and worshipped the Sindhi Saint Jhulelal Ji Maharaj, an avatar of the great Lord Sri Varuna Bhagavan. Lord Varuna is also considered as an aspect of Lord Vishnu.

At his teenage he went to Kolhapur and constructed a small house near Kohlapur Mahalakshmi Temple, and started doing his religious preaching. Due to his kind attitude and interest in spirituality, many people were become his devotees, and got his divine blessings.His teachings were attracted by thousands of people, and they began to follow his teachings to lead a holy life.He died in the year 1972, and left for heavenly abode. A temple was constructed for him at Gandhinagar, and till today lot of devotees are visiting and worshipping his shrine and deriving lot of benefits.


1. Don’t think badly about others, since it is a sinful activity.

2. Share your happiness with others, and think that you are your own boss.

3. All the people irrespective of their caste, creed and community must worship the great Lord Sri Jhulelal Ji Maharaj, and must thank him for taking the avatar for our well-being.

4. Do frequent meditation on god, and feel the presence of spirituality in your soul.

5. Don’t behave rudely with others, and shower your kindness on the people.

6. Anything can be achieved through the grace of the god.

7. Don’t get afraid of your death, since it may come at any time to you. Instead of that, think about only good things in your life, and concentrate your attention only on spiritual matters.

8. Do noble activities like providing food and necessities to others.

9. God is created only for realizing him. Hence keep thinking about the god.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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