Dada Vaswani (Dada Jashan Pahlajrai Vaswani)

Dada Jashan Vaswani was born in Pakistan in the year 1918 in a holy Sindhi family. He was very brilliant and finished Post Graduation. He served as an editor in a spiritual magazine and spread the teachings of the great Sindhi Saint Sri JhulelalJi among the masses. At his middle age, he served as a principal in a college, and simultaneously wrote spiritual books and published it. Through his wealth, he has done lot of social services like providing food, education and shelters to the poor.

He also conducted divine lectures and taught the goodness of the god, and asked the people to travel in the spiritual boat to escape themselves from their repeated life cycles.He started a spiritual and social service institution known as Sadhu Vaswani Mission and done good services for the poor and down trodden people. He left his physical body in the year 1918 and attained the lotus feet of Jhulelal Maharaj.

Famous Quotes

1. Control the worst enemies like the lust and anger and get purified by thinking about the greatness of the almighty.

2. Do lot of good things in your life like doing regular prayers on god, and helping the people.Follow the path of god, and show mercy on others.

3. God has created only for giving happiness to you. Realise him in your heart, and enjoy the eternal bliss.

4. Find god in each and every thing, including insects, animals and plants.

5. Don’t worry about your health condition. Do your duty, and forget about your physical and mental weakness, and in course of time, by the grace of the almighty, all of your diseases would get healed.

6. Don’t be lazy. Be active and work hard in order to live a peaceful life at your old age.

7. Don’t compare yourself with others. Accept willfully whatever god has given it to you, and thank him repeatedly.

8. Worship your parents, and take care of them, and don’t leave them alone at their old age.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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