Baba Hardasram | Sindhi Sant

Sant Baba Hardasram was a great Sindhi Saint, and he was born during the year 1904, at a village in Nawabshah District at Pakistan. He studied well at his young age, and after finishing his studies, he worked as a Government school teacher. While he was undergoing pilgrimage to various holy places, he met his Guru Bhagat Kanwar Ram, and learned spiritual subjects from him.

Baba Hardasram was a kind-hearted person, and he used to fondly feed the poor people and the animals like dogs, and birds like pigeons, and he was a staunch devotee of the great Sindhi Saint Jhulelal Maharaj, an incarnation of Lord Varuna Bhagavan, and also a sincere devotee of Mata Durga Devi, and he visited the temples of Durga, and offered his worship to the holy divine mother.

At his middle age, he returned to India, and settled at Jalgaon, Maharashtra. He established a trust for the welfare of the poor, sick and the old people, and he took care of them properly. He has controlled his senses, and he showed great respect to women, and considered them as the incarnations of Mata Durga Devi.

He never married throughout in his life, and remained as a strict bachelor. His teachings helped lot of people to lead their life in the correct path.

After rendering valuable service to the society, Sant Baba Hardasram died in the year 1977. Still lot of devotees from all over the world are visiting his holy place at Jalgaon during the Annual Varsi Utsav festival, and worshipping him and Sant Jhulelal Maharaj.


1. Always speak truth in your life.

2. Feed food to all the living beings in the earth.

3. Worship the great god Sri Jhulelal Maharaj, in order to get all kinds of prosperity in the world.

4. Share your spiritual knowledge with others.

5. Live a simple and a disciplined life.

6. Affectionately serve the sick, poor and the aged people.

7. Consider all the people as the avatars of the almighty.

8. Doing good deeds would help you to attain Salvation after your death.

9. Don’t get depression during the times of difficult situation, and instead of that, pray to the almighty to shower his grace on you.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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