Architecture of Udaipur Eklingji Temple

The Temple is very grand and magnificent in conception and perfect in execution. The 50 ft. high Shikhar of the temple has a circumference of 60 ft. The sanctum sanctorum has four doors in all the four directions and the door steps are jutted with gems. On each gate there is Nandi (bull) statue facing the idol.

This fourteenth century shrine has been rebuilt, renovated and expanded from time to time. The campus

In the Western and southern gate the door frames are silver covered. On one side above the door is Shri Ganesh. The dispeller of all disturbances and on the other side is Shri Kartikeya ji. They hold a chowry in hands. Right towards the east, there is a drainge which joints the indrasrarova, at the extreme end of which is a Gomukha (burgoyle).

Eastern gate has stone lattices to laid the fresh air and light in the west gate of the sanctum sanctorum. Sabha Mandap since the Maharana’s of Mewar are Suryavanshi (of the sun clan), hence above the western gate of the sanctum sanctorum is a sliver made image of Lord Surya. This Image id extremely beautiful and its jutted with stones.

Out of the Sabha Mandap towards the west, there is a big statute of black stone Nandi behind which on a high platform is seated another Nandi made of Asthadhatu (eight Metals). The body of the Nandi is covered with a brass layer. On this very platform the statue of the king of Mewar Bapa Rawal stands facing the east. This man size statue of Bapa Rawal with joint hands seems to be looking efforts in void as though, he were praying. This statute was established Maharana Bhagwat Singh , the statute is so constructed that its gaze is fixedon Maharshi Harit who is engraved the main entrance hall of the Sabha Mandap. Maharshi Harit is Seated on an aerial car. It so appears as though Bapa Rawal were receiving the blessings of the Safe Harit by paying him obeisance.

The entire temple was constructed by white marble stone.

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