Annadanam in Veda Patashalas on Avani Avittam day

Avani Avittam, also known as Upakarma, is an ancient annual Hindu religious ceremony observed by the Brahmins throughout the world. During this ceremony, divine mantras would be chanted, and the old sacred threads would be removed and it would be replaced with a new one.

Those who wear the sacred thread after their Upanayanam ceremony must thereafter compulsorily do Sandhyavandanam, the daily Brahmin ritual. During the performance of Sandhyavandanam, various mantras would be recited in order to satisfy the divine mother, Ma Gayatri, the holy consort of Lord Brahma.It is believed that those who do Sandhyavandanam regularly would be pleased by the divine mother, Ma Gayatri, and they would permanently dwell in the Brahma Loka after their death.

Apart from doing Sandhyavandanam, the Brahmins, and the people belonging to Hindu community, must also willingly offer annadanam to the Veda Patashalas which is present throughout India, especially during the Avani Avittam festival day. If they are unable to offer if directly, they can send money in the form of Online Transfers/Cheques/DD’s to the respective Veda Patashalas, and can get a proper receipt for that. They can also offer Vastras, and they can bear the education expenses of the students, and provide them Ramayana Palagai (Board) to the Patashalas, and by doing that, they would get great punya.

Veda Patashalas are mostly providing food, education and lodging facilities at free of cost to the poor Brahmin students, and for that, they are getting money from kind hearted donors and philanthropists. Sometimes they are also finding it difficult to provide the basic amenities to the students due to shortage of funds. Veda Patashalas are considered as the holy temples of Ma Gayatri, the goddess of wisdom, and by doing monetary service to those institutions would definitely fetch lot of good karmas to us.

Ancient kings have granted lot of wealth to the Vedic scholars, and in return for that, they lived a long life and ruled their kingdom in a prosperous manner. Hence by realising the significance of our Holy Vedas, it is our duty to lend our helping hand to the poor Veda Patashala students to come up in their lives.


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