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Amulet Taweez in Hinduism

Amulet Taweez in Hinduism

An amulet also known as Thayathu in Tamil, is a metal object, used for the treatment of patients, children, women and those who suffer from evil spirits, which took possession on their body, problems from black magic, and for getting rid from enemy related problems etc. This amulet would be given by the astrologers or by the magicians after performing a puja to Ma Kali, by chanting the divine mantras.

The amulet would be made out of copper, silver, and gold, and it would be tied with a rope on its two sides, and generally people would wear it on their neck, hands or on their waists.

These Amulets would be mostly worn by the people in order to safeguard themselves from black magic problems. Nowadays, some people would try to harm others, by considering as their enemies, even if they are innocent people. It would generally happen in case of difference in status and due to enmity problems also.

If some people are poor by birth, and if they are unable to become rich even after their hard struggle, they might try to harm their rich relatives using black magic. They can easily keep black magic to them, by calling them to their homes, and by offering food to them. In the food items, they would keep some harmful substance, which they would have bought it from magicians, in order to cause harm to their enemies.

After consuming the food, the victim would lose their control, and slowly, day by day, they would lose their energy, and in course of time, they would collapse and die. But by doing such kind of cruel acts, would attack themselves similar to the boomerang, and during the time of their death, they would face a fearful and a painful death.

It is generally believed, that by wearing the amulet in their body, people would be alarmed, and problems from evil forces and black magic problems would not occur to them. But it all depends on the faith of the people who wore it.

But we can live even without wearing the amulet, if we keep sincere faith on the god, and if we consider him as our best guardian, and if we believe that god would safeguard us from all sorts of problems in our life.


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