Ambaji Temple at Arasur in Gujarat, Ambaji Shakti Peeth

ambaji temple gujarat

ambaji temple gujarat

Ambaji Temple or Ambaji Shakti Peeth is the famous Shakti Peeth temple in Gujarat, located at Arasur near Mount Abu in the Aravali Hills. Lord Shiva temple is also situated here (Koteshwar Mahadev temple). One of the ‘Sapta nadhi’ (seven holy rivers), the river Saraswati, originates here and disappears into the desert of Kutch.

During the Rutratandava of Lord Shiva after the Daksha Yagna and sacrifice of Sati Devi, all body parts are believed to be fallen in all corners of India. As per the Puranas and other scriptures breast part of Sati is believed to have fallen in Arasur.

Bhadarvi Poonam in Bhadarvo month in Gujarati calendar, Chaitra Navratri, and Sharad Navratri are the major festivals celebrated at Ambaji Shakti peetha of Gujarat. Millions of devotees visit the temple during Navrata mela in September – October ever year. In 2016, Sharad Navratri starts on October 1 and ends on October 11 with Vijaya Dashami.

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