Ambaji Temple at Arasur in Gujarat, Ambaji Shakti Peeth

Ambaji Temple or Ambaji Shakti Peeth is the famous Shakti Peeth temple in Gujarat, located at Arasur near Mount Abu in the Aravali Hills. Lord Shiva temple is also situated here (Koteshwar Mahadev temple). One of the ‘Sapta nadhi’ (seven holy rivers), the river Saraswati, originates here and disappears into the desert of Kutch. During […]

Navratri in Gujarat, Dus Mahavidya Puja & Dandiya Raas

Durga Navratri is the most celebrated festive season in Gujarat. It involves in Durga Puja along with Dus Mahavidya pooja, Dandiya and Garba dances. Rasleela is the main event during Navratri in the state of Gujarat. Gujaratis consider Navratri as their second largest festival after Sri Krishna Janmashtami. But culturally, Navratri remains on top for […]

Watch Ahmedabad Navratri 2013 Live Online

Navdurga Mata

You can watch Ahmedabad Navratri 2013 Live Online with live streaming provided by the AP group who are a specialised technology providers of Live Webcasting / Video Conferencing / Virtual Classroom / Internet and sever security. According to their official Facebook page, the AP group will broadcast all Navratri Utsavs of Ahmedabad live online. In […]

Dandiya – The Dance of Durga Navratri In Gujarat

Dandiya / Garba-ras is one of the most popular dance forms of Gujarat. This is very common celebration during Durga Navratri in Gujarat. Nowadays, Dandiya has become very famous all over India and in some foreign countries where our Indians / Gujaratis stay. Dandiya is a folk dance form which is played with sticks. In Maharashtra […]

Swarnim Navratri Mahotsav 2010 – World’s Longest Navratri Festival

Swarnim Navratri Mahotsav, the official Navratri festival of the Government of Gujarat, is the longest dance festival of the world-Navratri Festival. Swarnim Navratri 2010 has begun on October 8th and ends on 16th October. The venue of this garba festival is GMDC ground, Ahmedabad. This event is organized by Gujarat Industries Navratri Festival Society. More […]

Navratri festivities to contribute towards Veterinary Hospital in Surat

Navratri, a colorful nine-night festival (October 8th to October 17th in 2010), is now aimed towards venturing a veterinary hospital in Surat. Profits that earned through Navratri festivities at Indoor Stadium in Surat will be contributed towards establishing a hospital for animals and pets. The organizers had decided to spend away all the money for […]