Alampur Jogulamba Temple | Jogulamba Shakti Peetham

Alampur Jogulamba Temple

Alampur Jogulamba Temple

The Jogulamba Temple of Alampur in the Mahbubnagar District of Andhra Pradesh is one the important Shakti Peetas in India. The word “Jogulamba” is derived from the words “Joginula Amma” which means the Mother of Joginis.

Alampur Jogulaba Temple is the 5th among Astadasha Shakti Peethas, 18 ancient temples dedicated to Goddess Shakti.

Jogini, also called Yogini, is a female Yogi, one who has given up all the worldly attachments. Jogini also meams a dancer who has dedicated her life to God. The Goddess is also known as Yogulamba or Yogamba by the locals.

The Jogulamba Devi Temple is built on the banks of Tungabhadra River. The idol of the Goddess is seen in a seated pose with abundant hair which has a lizard, scorpion, owl and a human skull adorned to it.

Also the idols of the Saptamatrikas, Ganapati and Veerabhadra are installed along with the main idol. The temple also has a yagnashala , a rest house and a pond. The temple is closely situated to the Nava Brahma temples and are under the control of the Indian Archeological Department.

The Jogulamba Devi is known as “ Gruha Chandi “ meaning the one who protects our homes. The lizard , scorpion, owl and human skull in her hair indicate the evil and signifies deterioration of the house. With the entry of these animals into the house , the house loses its life and invites death to its occupants.

In order to be freed of all the Vaastu Doshas , the Goddess Jogulamba is worshipped. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims from various parts of the country on the major occasions of Dussera and Shivaratri.

In Alampur, Navabrahma Temple is also there… You can read about this temple here..

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