Akshaya Tritiya & Jyotish Ratna (Relation between Gemstones, Akshaya Tritiya)

Lord Kubera

Lord Kubera

Gold and diamonds are plain vanilla.

This sounds audacious. Well, yes its meant to. On this Akshaya Tritiya get a natural coloured gemstone and set it beautifully in a talisman or a piece of jewelry. Gemstones have always been a treasured asset and they have been collected, coveted, adored and valued by the who’s who of the world. Make your purchase slightly different this time and with a dash of mystical color, brilliance and sparkle.

The auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya signifies a day –a period where any good work started scales heights, wealth acquired multiplies and magnifies and good initiatives meet with success. Historically and going by mythological detail, it is the day when Lord Kuber got the custodianship of wealth. No wonder, the day is eagerly awaited and is marked by buying of precious metals, ornaments, assets in vast numbers.

Every individual is desirous of moving higher, is achievement oriented and very specifically covets success and fortune in worldly terms. This is one day where efforts can be made towards giving oneself a push that catapult an individual towards success. And the tool this can be pure, pristine natural planetary gems.

Why not go ahead a step and invite abundance into your life with a fine jyotish gem that is intrinsically favorable to you as an individual? Natural, treatment free gems are rare, precious and have a great value which only appreciates over time.

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