Akshaya Tritiya & Jyotish Ratna (Relation between Gemstones, Akshaya Tritiya)

Gold and diamonds are plain vanilla. This sounds audacious. Well, yes its meant to. On this Akshaya Tritiya get a natural coloured gemstone and set it beautifully in a talisman or a piece of jewelry. Gemstones have always been a treasured asset and they have been collected, coveted, adored and valued by the who’s who […]

Gem Therapy: Treating Life Problems with Gemstones

Anyone can wear a gemstone but your choices have a huge impact on the outcome. You can wear a gem, a stone or a jyotish gemstone! You can be a skeptic, you can lade your talisman with expectations or you can embrace pure faith. Getting results out of gem therapy largely depends on two factors: […]

Celebrating Ram Navami with Robust Red Rubies

Lord Sri Rama

The birthday of Shri Ram, the shining light of Raghukul is celebrated by the Hindus on Ram Navami. He epitomised the virtues of truth, ethics and upholding of justice. His personal life is an account of sacrifice, something which he did with no rancour or questioning is very inspiring in troubled times. When the yoke […]

Shubha Kaal Pro, Rahu Kaal Pro: iPhone, Android Apps to know Auspicious Time

So you want your day to take a direction and in all likelihood a positive one. Of course, there are factors and interactions that one has little control over. But there is always the possibility of taking the planetary forces onto your side by respecting the nature of time. It’s all in doing the right […]