Adikesava Perumal Temple, Thiruvattar, Kanyakumari

Thiruvattar Adhi Kesava Temple

Thiruvattar Adhi Kesava Temple

Shri Adikesava Perumal temple is located in Thiruvattar, in the district of Kanyakumari, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity of this temple is Adhikesavar and the mother goddess is Bhudevi Sridevi. The holy tree is Shenbaga tree and the holy water is Thiruvattaru in this temple.

According to the local legends, Purananooru is a Puranam or literature that mentions about this particular temple. Splendid architecture and attractive sculpture are the reputation of this temple. The scriptural name of this place was Valaneervattaru.

According to the temple priest, “Anybody visiting the temple before any undertaking, will have successful results according to experience of the devotees. Business development, children, happy marriage alliances, family prosperity, education, and longevity are the benefits attributed to this temple.” Devotees throng this temple and wholeheartedly offer banana fruits of Neikathali variety, Milk porridge, Tulasi water, flowers and a wide variety of fruits. On the days of Purnima, pushpanjali (performing puja with flowers) is performed by devotees. Prayer commitments are taken by the devotees for blessing of the God and Goddesses of this temple on auspicious and religious important days.

The specialty of this temple is that darshan of the Lord can be had from three entrances and from a single spot, the Lord’s full or total appearance cannot be perfectly viewed. With a strange plan, the sanctum sanctorum is attractively constructed.

The other shires of this temple are Hanuman, Vyagrapadhar, Nammalwar, Nandhi, Kalabhairavar, Shankathudan, Vishnu, Brahma, Thandavar, Gangalanadhar, Venugopalan, Parashakthi, Indrajit, Pathanjali and Lakshmana.

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  1. Vignesh says:

    How to reach Thiruvattar adikesava perumal temple

    Route : Kanyakumari to Nagercoil to Thuckalay to Azhagiyamandpam to Thiruvattar

    Another route : Thiruvananthapuram to Marthandam to Thiruvattar

  2. vignesh says:

    Nearest Railway station for adikesava perumal temple in thiruvattar : Thiruvananthapuram and Nagercoil;

    Nearest airport for adikesava perumal temple in thiruvattar : Thiruvananthapuram

  3. Shresta says:

    thirruvattar aathi kasava perumal temple in kanyakumari dist

  4. Amoorta says:

    detailed route map tpfrom trivandrum to thiruvattaru adikesava temple

  5. Sesha says:

    thiruvattar adikesava perumal temple route map from thiruvanathapuram

  6. Yashila says:

    distance between kanyakumari to thiruvarur adhikesava perumal temple