Mantralayam Raghavendra Mutt Kannada Panchanga 2021-2022 PDF Download

Kannada Panchangam 2021-2022 (Plava nama samvatsara Kannada Panchanga) given in this article is provided by Mantralayam Sri Raghavendra Mutt. This Soorya Siddhanta Kannada Panchangam is provided in public interest for sensible download. This religious Kannada calendar 2021-2022 provided for public interest, is in PDF format. It is intended for sensible usage. Kannada festivals 2021-2022, Mantralayam […]

Marathi Panchang 2022-2023 | Uttaradhi Math Marathi Panchang 2022-2023 PDF Download

Marathi New Year begins with Gudi Padwa festival. In 2022, Sarvari nama samvatsar starts on April 2. This Marathi Panchang 2022-2023 or Shubhakruth samvatsara Marathi panchang in PDF for free download is provided by Uttaradi Mutt. Uttaradi Math Marathi Panchang comprises of yearly predictions (varshapal), major Marathi festivals, holidays, auspicious days, Marathi Hindu wedding dates […]

Kannada Panchanga 2022-2023 PDF Download | Kannada Panchangam

Kannada Panchangam 2022-2023 Download, PDF of Kannada Panchangam 2022-2023, Kannada Panchangam 2022-2023 PDF download for free. Kannada New Year begins with Ugadi festival. In 2022, Shubhakruth nama samvatsare starts on April 2. Sringeri Sharada Peetham is presenting the Kannada Panchanga 2022-2023. Sringeri Sharada Peetham Panchangam is comprised of yearly predictions (Varsha rashiphala), major Kannada festivals, […]

English Panchangam 2016-2017, Panchangam in English PDF Download

Here you can download English Panchangam 2016-2017 PDF or Hindu calendar 2016-2017 for free in English. Hindu New Year begins with Chaitra Pratipada day. In 2016, Sri Durmukhi nama samvatsara starts on Ugadi (8 April 2016). This English Panchang 2016-2017 or Durmukhi nama samvatsara English panchangam in PDF for free download is provided by Sri Chilakamarthi Prabhakar […]

Download Mantralayam Mutt Telugu Panchangam 2018-2019 PDF

Surya Siddantha Telugu Panchangam 2018-2019 provided by Mantralayam Sri Raghavendra Mutt is here to download. 2018-2019 Telugu Year is known as Vilambi nama samvatsaram. This Panchangam has the list of Telugu festivals, Hindu holidays and auspicious days, Telugu Masam or months dates in 2018-2019, Telugu Hindu marriage dates, Gruhapravesham dates, Upanayanam dates, and shubha muhurtham […]

Kalayogam Panchangam 2020-2021

Kalayogam Panchangam 2020-2021 is a Telugu Panchangam which details about the Year Sri Sarvari nama Samvatsaram. Kalayogam Panchangam is compiled by Pandita Sri Ponnaluri Srinivasa Gargeya Daivagna. He is the Nitya Jyotishya Pravachaka of Bhakthimala TV, first and the only one online devotional TV. According to the Index, the Kalayogam Panchangam explains about the significance […]

Importance of Panchangam

An ancient Vedic calendar is Panchang or Panchangam. It comes in a tabulated form. It really helps people with plans of travel, love, work, money etc. It helps in foretelling much in advance. It is an Indian Vedic almanac in a simple and easy to understand form. According to the local legends, it is in […]

What is Panchangam? (Hindu Religious Calendar / Almanac)

Panchangam is an ancient Hindu almanac and calendar which perfectly follows the traditional and ancient units of timekeeping in Indian form and present significant dates and their right calculations in the form of tabular format for easy understanding and simple language. It is often spelled as Panchānga, Panchaanga, Panchanga, or Pancanga in certain regions in […]

Tamil Panchangam 2012-2013, Download Mantralayam Mutt Khara Year Tamil Panchangam

Surya Siddantha Tamil Panchangam 2012-2013 provided by Mantralayam Sri Raghavendra Mutt is here to download. 2012-2013 Hindu Year is known as Nandana varusha. This Panchangam has the list of Tamil festivals, Hindu holidays and auspicious days, Tamil Masam or months dates in 2012-2013, Tamil marriage dates, Gruhapravesham dates, Upanayanam dates, and shubha muhurtham dates for […]

Telugu Calendar with Panchangam 2010 – Download Sakshi Telugu Calendar 2010 for Free in PDF Format

Telugu Calendar or Panchangam 2010 is here to download for free. This calendar is published by Sakshi Telugu News paper. In this Telugu Panchanga Calendar 2010, festivals dates and auspicious days, Suryodaya kalam, Suryasthamaya kalam, Rahukaalam, Shubha muhurtham, durmuhurtam, varjam, Ekadashi, pradosha kalam, Masa shivaratri, amavasya, Purnima, and all other auspicious days dates are given. […]