Sringeri Mutt Kannada Panchanga 2018-2019

Sringeri Mutt Kannada Panchanga 2018-2019 is here for free download. The PDF version of Kannada Panchanga is produced and published by Sringeri Sharada Peetham, Karnataka.

The panchangam published by Sri Math for the year 2018-2019 (Vilamba Nama Samvatsara) in Kannada, has been uploaded. Those interested may download a copy at the like provided here.

This religious Kannada calendar 2018-2019 provided for public interest, is in PDF format. It is intended for sensible usage.

Kannada festivals 2018-2019, Sringeri Sharada Peetham festivals and temple updates like religious events, festivals, and other auspicious days, and all other details about Kannada daily routines are given in Kannada Panchangam 2018-2019.

Durmukhi nama samvatsara astrological predictions, Ugadi predictions, and astrological updates are also included in the Panchanga.

Download Sringeri Mutt Kannada Panchanga 2018-2019 – Link

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  1. Srinivas says:

    auspicious day for performing house warming ceremony in June 2013

  2. Divya shetty says:

    Is Sunday on 28.05.2017 is good for Aksharabyasa for girl baby. Her nakshathra is Uttara,Kanya Raashi.