Shraddha on Various Nakshatrams: Merits, Benefits|Fruits

What are the benefits of performing Shraddha on particular Nakshatrams? “Shraddha on Various Nakshatrams: Merits, Benefits|Fruits” explains the results of performing Shraddha on each Nakshatram…. Apart from Pitru Paksha (Mahalaya Paksha), Aadi Amavasai – Amavasai in Aadi Month in Tamil calendar, Karkadika Vavu in Malayalam Calendar, and every Amavasya are the auspicious days for performing […]

Yathi Mahalaya 2017 | Sanyasi Shraddh

Yathi Mahalaya, Sanyasi Shraddh, Yateenam Mahalayam, Yathi Dwadashi Shraddh falls on Dwadashi Shraddh. In 2017, Yathi Mahalaya date is September 17. It is an auspicious day to offer Shraddh rituals to Yathis (Saints, Sadhus, Sanyasis, Rishis, etc). The holy people those who involved in writing, compiling, and structuring of Hindu scriptures are offered tharpan, pinda daan and […]

Pitru Paksha 2017 | Mahalaya Paksha Shraddh 2017

Pitru Paksha Shraddh Mahalaya Paksha

Pitru Paksha (Mahalaya Paksha, Apara Paksha, Shraddh Paksha) is a fortnight dedicated to dead ancestors and forefathers. In 2017, Pitru Paksha starts on September 7 and ends with Mahalaya Amavasya on September 20. During Pitru Paksha, dead ancestors are offered special rites and rituals. Pitru Paksha Shraddh begins on Ashwin Krishna Pratipada or first day of Ashwin […]

Pitru Paksha rituals at Rafaleshwar Mahadev Temple

Pitru Paksha is one of the famous rituals observed largely at Morbi Rafaleshwar Mahadev Temple in Gujarat. In 2015, Pitru Paksha begins on September 29 and ends on September 12 with Mahalaya Amavasya. Rafaleshwar Mahadev Temple near Morbi of Gujarat is one of the famous Shiva Temples in Western India. This temple was built by Maharaja Lukdhirji of […]

Sumangali Shraddh: Soubhagyavati Shraddh

Sumangali Shraddh, Soubhagyavati Shraddh, is a ritual during which Pinda Pradhanam or tharpanam is offered for Avidhva (Sumangali / Soubhagyavati) women who died while her husband was alive. In 2016, Sumangali Shraddh date is September 24. Sumangali Shraddh is observed on Navami in Pitru Paksha. It falls on 9th day in dark fortnight of Ashwin […]

Travelling during Pitru Paksha.. Can I travel during Mahalaya Paksha?

Travelling during Pitru Paksha.. Can I travel during Mahalaya Paksha? If this is your doubt regarding the travel during Pitru Paksha.. then read on this post… Travelling during Pitru Paksha is not avoided. No need of postponement of journey during Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya Paksha. But, should choose good muhurat to go abroad and to […]

Places to do Pitru Paksha Shraddh, Where to perform Mahalaya Shraddh rituals

Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya Paksha is an auspicious fortnight dedicated to perform pitru shraddh rituals. This article explains you – where to do pitru paksha shraddh or the list of places to perform Mahalaya paksha shraddh pinda daan. In India, there are 1008 sacred spots to perform these rituals. The important places in the list […]

Simple procedure of Pitru Paksha, Vidhi of Shraddha Tarpana

Pitru Paksha Shraddh Mahalaya Paksha

Simple procedure of Pitru Paksha, Vidhi of Shraddha Tarpana, how Shraddha is performed in Pitru Paksha / Mahalaya Paksha? The word Pitru Paksha is closely associated with Hindu mythology and many beliefs are attached to it. The word is derived from Sanskrit which means Pitr (Ancestors) Paksh (phase of the moon). This ritual is carried […]

Trayodashi Shraddha 2016, 13th day of Pitru Paksha

Trayodashi Shraddha is the thirteenth day of Pitru Paksha. It is also known as Kakbali or Balabholaniteras as the dead children are offered Shraddh rituals and the food is offered to crows. In 2016, Trayodashi Shraddh date is September 28. It is also dedicated to those who have died in accidents, natural disasters or sudden death. As […]

Balabholaniteras 2016 (Kakbali): Shraddh to dead children

Balabholaniteras (Kakbali) is an auspicious day to perform shraddh rituals to dead children. In 2016, Balabholaniteras date is September 28. It falls on thirteenth day of Pitru Paksha (Trayodasi Shraddh Mahalaya). It is performed all over India but the particular term ‘Balabholaniteras’ is well known in Gujarat. Balabholaniteras falls on the 13th day of Krishna Paksha […]