Balabholaniteras 2019 (Kakbali) | Shraddh to dead children

Balabholaniteras (Kakbali) is an auspicious day to perform shraddh rituals to dead children. In 2018, Balabholaniteras date is September 26. It falls on thirteenth day of Pitru Paksha (Trayodasi Shraddh Mahalaya).

It is performed all over India but the particular term ‘Balabholaniteras’ is well known in Gujarat.

Balabholaniteras falls on the 13th day of Krishna Paksha in Ashwin month as per North Indian Hindi calendar and in Bhadrapada Month as per Amavasyant panchangams.

Shraddh Timings, 26 September 2019

Trayodasi Shraddh 2019 – 29 September – Balbolaniteras; Shraddh Timings – 1.14 PM to 3.36 PM

The reason behind referring Balabholaniteras as Kakbali is – the food which offered to dead children as a part of shraddh karma is offered to crow at the end of the rituals.

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In 2018, Balabholaniteras date is October 7.

In 2016, Balabholaniteras date was September 28.

In 2015, Balabholaniteras date was October 10.

In 2014, Balabholaniteras date was September 21.

In 2013, Balabholaniteras date was October 2.

In 2012, Balabholaniteras date was October 13.

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