Saleshwaram Temple, Lingamaiah Temple at a cave in Nallamala Forest near Srisailam

Saleshwaram Temple is a Lingamaiah Temple (Shiva Temple) located at a cave in Nallamala forest near Srisailam. The temple is situated in Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

In 2015, Saleshwaram Temple will be opened on 2nd April. There is Chandra Grahanam on Chaitra Purnima this year.

The significant feature of this temple is – the temple will be opened only for 3-5 days during Chaitra Purnima or the Full Moon day in April.

Saleshwaram Lingamaiah Temple is found about 10 km into Nalamalla forest. It is famous for its wedge-shaped waterfall, which seems to have been chiselled across a huge stone. The Shiva Lingam is in a cave next to the waterfall.

Saleshwaram is situated at a distance of 30 KM from Mannanur, 50 KM from Srisailam in Tiger Reserve Nallama Forest.

‘Lingamaiah Jathara’, a fair will be organised in Saleshwaram temple once in two years. It attracts thousands of devotees to the temple.

Saleshwaram is a favorite spot for trekkers in Andhra Pradesh who love trekking. Thousands of devotees and other people visit the temple and waterfalls every year. APSRTC, Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, runs special busses during Chaitra Purnima to Saleshwaram.

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    i want to visit the saleswaram temple in the month of august 2015. it is possible? what is the bus route to reach the temple. any lodges are available for stay?

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      The temple remains opened only for 3-4 days during Chaitra Purnima (April). Temple will be closed remaining days. There is no facility of accommodation near the temple.

  2. naveen says:

    can any one tell me the temple timings of saleshwaram for this year..plzzz. i would like to visit for first time.

  3. Vamsi Krishna Saride says:

    Hi Prasad can i know till which date it will be opened I am planning to visit it on Sunday April 5th

  4. Krishna Kishore Thipparthy says:

    Saleshwaram trekking starts from 2nd April to 6th April 2015.

  5. rajeshwar rao says:

    saleswaram jathara to starting date ending date pls advice

  6. raghu says:

    Hi..myself with few friends are planning for a drive on good Friday to saleshwram…need ur help to guide us.

  7. Prasad Pulipaati says:

    I have enquired with the sunnipenta forest officials, they said this year the temple will be opened on 03rd april morning…..

  8. Sridhar Rajaparthi says:

    this year we are having Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahanam) please check with authorities for the temple timings and details

  9. Kalyani Merugu says:

    can anyone tell me the temple opening dates for this year…

  10. Muthyalola Ashok says:

    may i know the date please… If you know anyone pls msg me

  11. patel says:


    i have visited that place 10 times and would love to go every time because i personally trust there is such a power in that area in the deep forest,pure water and specially lord shiva to make me cool and energetic.

    i have introduced many people since then and i very much excited to get ready for this year too.


  12. BuddyPrav says:

    History of Temple:
    1. This is very SACRED place. When Rama was in aranyavasa, he stayed here for some time and established the ‘Shiva Lingam’.
    2. Many saints and spiritual persons will be sitting and will be dhyana for years. As it s very powerful, they sit and do their puja. Because of this, when you go there feel very happy and peaceful. Where it is difficult to define the ‘state’ for a common man.


  13. Suneeti says:

    shiva temple located in cave of nallamala forest

  14. Avyukt says:

    lingamaiah temple at a cave in nallamala forest