Malayalam Nakshatra List, 27 Janma Naal in Malayali Calendar

Janma Nakshatram or Janma Naal is the birth star in Malayalam calendar and Astrology. In every Panchagam in Hindu Astrology, there are 27 Janma Nakshatras.

The Nakshatras are same in Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and all other Hindu panchanga but the names varies as per the particular language.

As per the Astrology, Janm Nakshatra or birth star constellation influences a persons characteristics, personality traits, and some other features of the life. Here is the list of 27 Malayalam Nakshatrams:

1. Aswathi Nakshatra

2. Bharani Nakshatra

3. Kaarthika Nakshatra

4. Rohini Nakshatra

5. Makeeram Nakshatra

6. Thiruvathira Nakshatra

7. Punartham Nakshatra

8. Pooyam Nakshatra

9. Aayilyam Nakshatra

10. Makam Nakshatra

11. Pooram Nakshatra

12. Uthram Nakshatra

13. Atham Nakshatra

14. Chithra Nakshatra

15. Chothi Nakshatra

16. Visaakham Nakshatra

17. Anizham Nakshatra

18. Thrikketta Nakshatra

19. Moolam Nakshatra

20. Pooraatam Nakshatra

21. Uthraatam Nakshatra

22. Thiruvonam Nakshatra

23. Avittam Nakshatra

24. Chathayam Nakshatra

25. Pooratathi Nakshatra

26. Uthrattaathi Nakshatra

27. Revathi Nakshatra

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  1. rajal says:

    may 16th 1:30 pm which birth star?

  2. unni says:

    Male 28.07.1982 chothi
    Female 07.05.1993 anizham

  3. Soorajsoumya says:

    15/04/1989 female
    03/11/1979 male
    Njagal married Annu
    Children ayyittila
    Nakshatra thil kuzhappam uddo
    Plz correct reply

  4. mohan kumar says:

    Boy born at a about 11:30 am on October 20,1986 having nakshathram karthika.can marriage proposal b matched. With a girl having uthraadam nakshathram and born during malayala maasam dhanu?

  5. Nabeel says:

    11/02/1997 female
    04/03/1989 male
    Eathanu nakshatram varika.
    Please Send me a reply

  6. Rames says:

    Born in malayala varsham 1137.Star pooroorattathi month Meenam. Intimate me the date of birth of that person.

  7. Anish says:

    29.08.1986….9.30 am

  8. Ajesh says:

    My date of bith is 7 th March-1986
    What is my janmanal??

  9. Rajeevan says:

    My dob is june 30 1997. What is my birthstar

  10. Abhilash says:

    Sir my name Abhilash my date of birth 15/09/1992 nakshathram Aswathi how to my future life

  11. joxin joy says:

    my date of birth 01-10-1981 nall ethanu

  12. Seema B Alex says:

    19th January 1972, birth place is mumbia but time I don’t know. can u please say what is my naal in malayalam nakshatra

  13. Brinta Athanasious says:

    My birth date is 27-11-1990..I want to know my birth time and Malayalam birth star( naalu)?

  14. santhosh says:

    My dob is 28 June 1990 what is my janmanal at 11:30am

  15. fasil hannath says:

    my dob 2 nov 1991 please tell my janmanal

  16. fasil hannath says:

    my dob 2 nov 1991 what is my naal

  17. Suresh alias Bhojraj Deshmukh says:

    Makar rashi, Uttarashadha nakshtra

  18. Advika says:

    My dob is April 6 1993… what is my star in Malayalam horoscope

  19. Mohan says:

    എന്‍റെ ജന്‍മ നക്ഷത്രം മൂലം ആണെന്നു റയുന്നു. പക്ഷെ ജന്‍മ വര്‍ഷം കൃത്യമാണോ എന്നൊരു സംശയമുണ്ട്. മലയാള മാസം മകരം 1 ന് ആണു ജനനം എന്നുപറയുന്നു. പക്ഷേ വര്‍ഷം ഏതാണെന്നൊരു സംശയം. 1961, 1962, 1963 ഇതില്‍ ഏതാകും

  20. Soumya Rosariyo says:

    Born in 25 march 1996 at 1:25 pm..plz tell my jenma nakshathra

  21. anu says:

    my DOB 3 Nov 1995 at 7:25 pm. What is my janmanal?

  22. Shaharban says:

    iam born in 21 january 1994 ,04.30 Am in kothamangalam ernakulam district..pls tell my janma nakshathra

  23. Shyni says:

    Wat are the options of my naal..i dont know the time of my was 22 nd december 1980

  24. soniya abraham says:

    my birth is on 19 September 1994 at 9.30 pm ..pls tel me my nagstaram nd jadhagam

  25. shine says:

    MY date of birth is 27/11/1991 can u plase tell me my naale and details

  26. Noufal says:

    I am born on 31/3/1993 Can you please tell me my Star & Naale please tell me

  27. AbdulRazak says:

    My date of birth 1980 October 15.I don’t know my star and time.pls answer me my naal?

  28. jesin says:

    I am born on 22 /10/91 can u plz tell me my naale at 11:40 am

  29. jesin says:

    I am born on 22 /10/91 can u plz tell me my naale

  30. lolitha says:

    pls tell the which day of my birth 11.12.1996

  31. Binu says:

    My son’s birthday is August 25th 2016 0003Am.Can you help me to find out his janmanal and jathakam

  32. sajan says:

    My wife lost her horoscope.
    She remembers that her Janmanakshatra is Pooyam & born in malayalam month Thulam 23 in the year 1971 or 1972 at palakkad district in Kerala.She does not remember her time
    Please crosscheck & confirm the day,year and other details please..


  33. Renjith s says:

    my star life long you talk 2:7:1998 pls my star and deatils

  34. Renjith s says:

    my star life long you talk

  35. Aravind says:

    I was born on may 8 1998 what is my janmanakshatram?

  36. RAJI says:

    my date of birth :23july 1990 at 11:55pm. idon’t no my nakshtram plz tell me sir.

  37. ammu says:

    Which is my birth star date of birth 04/12/1989

  38. Sandra Vaidhyaraj says:

    I’m born on 12th sept 1961 in Mangalore approx time is 8:30/8:45pm. Can I knw my birthstar according to d malayam calendar.

  39. abina says:

    my DOB 7-11-1993.time 12.30am i don’t my nakshathram pls tell me

  40. sumitha says:

    My date of birth is 21.10.1980. I just want to know which is my janmanakshthram

  41. rakesh says:

    11-4-1997 my birthday what is my star

  42. Soorya says:

    Please tell my birth star
    may 10 1993

  43. jithesh says:

    Sir my date of birth 26/03/1989 ,time 5 am. .my job and merrege dtals

  44. Shruti nair says:

    Which is ma janamnaal I was born on 6 November 1993 morning 11.05 am

  45. Sweety says:

    My husband birth date 18/11/1979. Birth time not known. We do not know the janma nakshthram. Kindly reply.

  46. Archana says:

    My brother’s DOB is 27April1996 and time is 2am please help me with his janmanakshatram.

  47. sariga manoj says:

    My husband birthdate 25 April 1982 we dont know his janmanakshathram pls help me wich is his janmanakshathram

  48. ranjith ps says:

    8 /12/1990 pls my birth star.

  49. Deepu r says:

    Which is my birth star date of birth 1996 january 16 please help me

  50. taniya says:

    my date of birth is 1,05,1995 monday.i don’t no my nakshatram plz tell me

  51. mukesh.p says:

    My dob is 10 ,08 ,1991 I don’t no my nakshtram plz tell me

  52. Anil says:

    21/11/1995 2:30 am what is my birthstar??

  53. Anish Thankappan says:

    14/03/2016 11.23am what is birth star

  54. sijigeeju says:

    My DOB is 09/07/1971 please tell me what is my nakshatram and malayalamasam.

  55. athira says:

    My friend date of birth is 22 april 1991 plz tell me the nakshthram and malaymasam

  56. Bijy Belji says:

    date of birth 29/12/2015 11.50 give the nakshathra

  57. Boney Jose says:

    June 7 1984 ..whats the nakshathram of this person

  58. My DOB is 02.08.1989 Wed between 12.. 12.30 PM (plz giveme my Nakshatram & Malayalam month)

  59. Jishnu says:

    8/2/1999 wich is the nakshtharam

  60. my date of birth is 19. 02. 1986 at 7. 05 a. m. what is my star

  61. hasma says:

    may 14,1994..please tell my nakshathram

  62. Liji Abraham says:

    My date of birth is 16 /6/1990 give my nakshatra

  63. Mohammed nazish says:

    January,11,2001, 8.20 pm pleas tell me nakshatram and jathakam

  64. sunil kumar says:

    My date of brith 13 /9/1990 Thursday time 3.oo clck 50 minutes am

  65. aswathy says:

    date of birth is 21-10-1992,time:4.30am
    what will be my nakshathra

  66. Laiby says:

    birth day 3-5-1991.pls tell me nakshathram.

  67. Ullas says:

    I would like to know the malayalam zodiac of 7 may 1988

  68. Ashik Ash says:

    My date of birth is 28/2/1993 give my nakshatra

  69. manu krishnan says:

    birthday 23- 06- 1994

    please tell me the nakshathram …

  70. Jasna Padman says:

    18 feb 1992.Give Nakshatra

  71. Reema.v says:

    i want to know my birth date in 1982 my star is chathayam

  72. Priya says:

    I would like to knw the date of the nakshatra thiruvonam of kardikadaka month of 1997

  73. Nikhilraj says:

    Please canine information my Janna nakshatra date of birth 20081991

  74. VAISAKH KG says:

    My birthday is 18/12/1992. Time: 9.30 pm I want to know my nakshatra and raashi

  75. Gireeshkumar123 says:

    I want my birth star. My birth of. Birth 13 10 1973

  76. manoj s hiremath says:

    sir this is manoj frm hubli state karnataka I want to know my birth nakshtra details

    date of birth 27.3.1980
    timing mid nite 00.10

  77. anandhu raj says:

    my date of birth 9-5-1997
    plz give nakshathra and malayalam month

  78. suresh says:

    My daughter’s (hindu) birth on 22/9/15 at 6.45am ( kanni madam, moolam nakshtrm ) please send me suitable name for her.

  79. fabiya jasni says:

    please send my janma nakshthram.i am born 30 ,january 1995

  80. Abbas says:

    My birthday date 27-11-1998 please full details

  81. I want to known the naalu 6 th april 1993

  82. Pushpa says:

    Please tell me the nakshathra on 21 November 2013

  83. shan says:

    My son borth day 2013/9/ 10.35 pm(soudi time) pls give her nakshathra and malayalam month

  84. My d.o.b 30-05-1994 ,plz tell me nala & nakshathram

  85. Riyas says:

    Sir i would like to know my janmanakshatra of my date of birth 24-06-1997 malayala masam midhunam 8

  86. Raji P K says:

    Am birth kollam ara ham 1152 thulyam masam punartham nakshathram,,, but I don’t english date know

  87. cleetu says:

    my date is 24-4-1999 at 8:26 am. l want know my birth star and job,marriage,studies plz replay

  88. suresh says:

    I want to know my daughter’s naval(Hanna jasmine.
    date of birth 23-10-2014 time:2.30pm.
    kindly replay me.

  89. praful kumar says:

    my date of birth is 18-4-88 (bharani nakshathram) pls send me my nakshatra phalam and character of bharani nakshathram

  90. Rasniya says:

    My DOB was 25th november,1995.i was born at 12.02 am.what is my janmanaal?

  91. Shinto.pallipuram Tomy says:

    My date of birth 1988 February 09 my star ?

  92. jiya says:

    MY biryh date is 2003 march 4 5am Pls tell me my birth star

  93. leneesh says:

    07 may 1983.
    Plz tell my marriage time

  94. Ranjith says:

    I want my nakshathram.
    my date of birth 08/12/1990
    time . after 01.30 pm

  95. chinchu says:

    I want to know my of birth is oct.10,1982

  96. saji says:

    my daugte birth at 10/8/2015 time-8:16 what is the star?

  97. faizal says:

    I am 26 year old male .my birth date is 23/7/1988 birth star is pooram i want to know my birth time

  98. Sunil Paul says:

    Which is d best nakshatham for baby boy

  99. Haritha says:

    my friends dob is 18 october 1994. what is his nakshatram

  100. Mrs. A joy Pattery.. says:

    My date of birth is karkidakam 12th 1129..birth Time is around 2am night…want to know my nakshathram,aayus and rest future..

  101. abc says:

    my date of birth 10-october-1995,female, age 20, time 12.30.. I want to know my future(get job time), marriage time
    . etc

  102. mujeeb says:

    my birthday date is 02-10-1978 time is not remember so i need my naal and my birth stone.

  103. achu says:

    dob- 17 th jan 1990 male
    star- atham
    dob- 19 th august 1993 female
    can they marry?

  104. vibin joseph says:

    My dob is 27-07-1982 , time 10:44 am kochi, ekm , kerala . star – chitira and rasi – thula .

    I would like to know my job,carrier, marriage and future please send to my mail id

  105. Sanubabu says:

    My Sister baby b day is 23-04-2015 time 2:10 pm
    So can u tell correct malayalam star.plz

  106. shinoj devasia says:

    My date of birth is 28-9-1987

    time 5am to 6am
    Please send me for my malayam star

  107. Aneesh P Sundaran says:

    My date of birth is 16-10-1990, time 4:15pm,birth place :- Perumbavoor,Ernakulam district, Kerala,birth star :- Uthram nakshathra
    I would like to know my job,carrier, marriage and future please send to my mail id

  108. Tomy says:

    hi sir,
    my date of birth is 30/06/1973

    time : 7 am
    please send for me malayalam star


  109. Shadiya says:

    My birth date 10-02-1988 time-4am please send me malayalam star

  110. Athul says:

    my date of birth 14/11/1989 at 05.05 am
    my future carrier marrige pls rply

  111. preena says:

    My date of birth is 25/2/1989 at 12.35pm.I would like to know my star,about my future,carrier,marriage…pls rply.

  112. Anjana says:

    Sir, my date of birth is 29 jan 1994. I Would like to know about my future life…

  113. shameem us says:

    My birth date is July 18 1995.please sent my star and day.

  114. Yadhu says:

    My birth date is june 12 1989 sent my nakshathram

  115. SEENA A says:

    my date of birth 13/08/1988 to kasaragod dist,kerala,india.Idont my star,day.please sent my star and day

  116. rajeena says:

    my date of birth 31-1-1989.time 8.30 pm to 9.30pm to malappuram dist,kerala, india .dont know my star .want to know the star in malayalam.please sent me my star name.

  117. Santhosh Sathyaseelan says:

    Sir,my birth date is 1981 December 8,time 8.30pm,please give me2015 every months how is My career?

  118. Sunita says:

    My birth date is 26th June 1975 at 3:58 a.m. What is my Malayalam Nakshatram

  119. jibu babu says:

    My date of birth 27-2-1990 pls give my star

  120. benon kurian says:

    my birthdate is on 5th june 1989 in bahrain @ 10.05pm………..which is my star

  121. Donnie says:

    21.04.2001 time 9.00pm
    Want to know the star in Malayalam

  122. Muhammed salih says:

    MY birthday march 1 1992 please send my star

  123. Thoalhath Thekkoot Ahammed Palapetty says:

    My date of birth decembar 5 1992 give my birth star

  124. Siji Cherian says:

    My date of birth is on 1/10/1988, born time 12.48 pm, plse tell my malayalam star sign.

  125. jesna john says:

    My birth date is june27 1983 I dont know my star . Pls send me my stars name

  126. gopi says:

    My date of birth is 16 march1991
    I would like to know about my studies, job and my marriage.plz sent it to my email id

  127. sajana says:

    My birth date is on 21.01.1991.I was born at 11 am at aluva,ernakulma,Kerala.I would like to know my birth stone, my nakshathram and what the future holds for me

  128. Elizabeth Jacob says:

    My birth date is on 04.09.1982. I was born at 9.00AM at Aluva, Ernakulam District, Kerala. I would like to know my birth stone, My nakshatram and what the future holds for me


  129. niya says:

    my birthday date is 7/4/95 i want to knw my nakshatra and astrology

  130. arjun says:

    My dob is nasthara is uthradam.pls sent my horoscope to my email id.

  131. simi says:

    my birth date 23-8-1984.. i dont know my nakshathra. iam christian. i want to know my nakshathram

  132. Shafeeq says:

    My date of birthday 7/October 1990 time 5.00am please tell my nakshatram

  133. SANJITH DASAN says:

    My birth date is 26/08/1988.( Thiruvonam ). My place of birth is Sharjah (U.A.E.). Sharjah time – 01:40 AM
    Indian Time – 03:10 AM.
    I want to know about my job, marriage,career, future….

  134. sanitha says:

    My birth date is 14 Nov 1980. What is about my futher. I am widow from age of 26. I am very unhappy from life

  135. ASWANI says:

    i born on 8 feb 1997 at 5:15 pm (1172 makaram). i want to know my exact nakshathram

  136. aswani says:


  137. SUMA S NAIR says:

    My Birth Date 25.6.1973 (1148 Midhunam 11 Monday)Night after 12’O clock. please tell me my exact nakshatram.

  138. sachin nair says:

    My birth date is 14-12-1987 (Uttaram Nakshatram)— I want to know that about my career and marriage .Now i am looking job .so i want to know that about my job…

    thank you..

  139. anilkumar says:

    Tell me the day of punartham nakshathra in 1980

  140. Sunitha says:

    My birth date 1989 july 22.pleas my nakshatra

  141. rijin says:

    tell me the date of pooyam nakshatram in march month 1990

  142. Reshmi Nair says:

    aswathy girl birth date 5th jan 1990 birth time 12.15 pm birth place Mavelikara, Boy birt star chadhayam birth date 30 nov 1984 birth time 00.55 am birth place secunderabad pls let me know whether they can marry

  143. pallavi anand says:

    date of birth 11/10/1991
    time-10:50 pm
    venue gaya(bihar)
    iam preparing banking examination what is my future…
    plz send in mail add

  144. lina periera says:

    my son date of birth is 14/Dec/1992 time 4am manikazhiju 6am num edayil nakshatram parajutharamoo.

  145. Anil says:

    I need the nakshathra on 22 nd June 1995

  146. pramod says:

    My father expired on dated 10th august 1980 at 11:00a.m. Could you please find the malayalam nakshathra at that time.

  147. Krishnankutty says:

    Birthday of baby is 1st september me the good time for 28th day

  148. Allwyn says:

    My birth date is 26 th October 1995, could you please help me to find my nakshathra and astrology.

  149. deepu nair says:

    my birth date is 2nd December 1973 , could you please help me to find my nakshathra and astrology

  150. Ruban Dcosta says:

    My birth date is 17 November 1983.pls tell my nakshtra

  151. Arun says:

    My date of birth is 19/01/1984. Time 12.03 am. Please send my nakshathra and horoscope

  152. Arun says:

    My date of birth 1/19/1984. Please send my nakshathra and horoscope

  153. Linkcy Thankachan says:

    I want to know the malls of my husband, date of birth 26/02/1980.
    Time 6.3 pm

  154. Aneetha Neetu says:

    Iwant to know my date of birth is 23april 1972

  155. rekha prasad says:

    I want to know the date of birth of my husband he was born on Malayalam month chingam uthram nakshathram in 1974

  156. saleem says:

    My date of birth is 2-10-1976.3.00am.plz give my horoscope and nakshatram

  157. BLESON says:


  158. theertha rajeev says:

    Sep19 is my uncles birthday. I want to know his nashatram

  159. Ali Akbar Km Malappuram says:

    1993 march 9 plras my nakshathram and nnal sendvto me

  160. Shanti George says:

    28 november 1992 is my date of birth.pls tell my birth star

  161. Shameer Hameed says:

    april 4 1993 is my bday plz tel my nekshatra

  162. sanilkumaar says:

    My dob is 1994 may 6 i dokno know my nakshathra

  163. Tony says:

    I was born in 1993-august-11 its a wednesday and the time is 10 am to 10:30 am ..i want to know my nakshatra

  164. valsala says:

    What is the date in idavam month ,uthritaathi nakshathra………???????

  165. Sooraj T Ravi says:

    my jananthiyadhi edavamasathil moollam pls give ma English date of birth.

  166. M.P. Kumaran Kutty says:

    I was born on 12 October 1957. What is my Rasi? what is my Rasi

  167. Sumati Nair says:

    My grandson's birthdate is 8th March 2003, saturday at 11.18 p.m. (Newyork time). Pl. give his Nakshatra and Malayalam month.

  168. Ravi says:

    My date of birth 1984 medam .pls my nakshathra.

  169. Ravi says:

    My date of birth 1987 kumbam 12.pls my nakshathra.

  170. Nidhin Chandran says:

    My date of birth is 22/2/1997 give my nakshatra

  171. Abhirami says:

    my date of birth 30 chingaa maasam 1989 night 12:40am..i want to know my nakshatra

  172. Sunitha says:

    My date of birth 1989 july 22 pleas my nakshatra

  173. SUjith says:

    MY birthday date 20 october 2987
    tell me the nakshathram

  174. ajeesh says:

    My birth day is 6 march 1979 . Please tell me my nakshatra.

  175. Husni Mubarak says:

    My birthday date april 5 2003 pleas tell me my ‘naal’?

  176. paaru says:

    my- thiruvonam star, getting marry anizham boy star,please give me “porutham” of these two stars.

  177. Shri says:

    Please tell me the english date for the birthday on :
    chaitra maasam rohini nakshatra 1987

  178. Anup Kumar says:

    Hi..Would like to know the best malayalam nakshatrams for baby boy and girl.My wife is expecting delivery in the month of September.Would like to request Doctor on the same.

  179. Uddhav says:

    which date came for malayalam star anizham for the month kanni in the year 1975

  180. Madhul says:

    in malayalam my sgin is Pooradam what is in english

  181. Khairiya says:

    conversion of malayalam calendar to english calendar using birth star

  182. Amoorta says:

    show rasi of uthram nakshtra in malayalam language

  183. Baka says:

    when is star bharani karthika in month august 2013

  184. Tarit says:

    jaathakam of punartham nakshathra man born in dhanu

  185. Saurjyesh says:

    This month malayalam calendar dates n nakshatra i want

  186. Shuddhi says:

    names for malayali hindu boys IN PDF in janmma nakshatra

  187. Sudipta says:

    i want to know my future by malayalam astrology free

  188. Vainavin says:

    detail malayalam version of janma nakshatra jathaka phalam

  189. Kshipa says:

    whats the star of malaylam calendar 1976 november

  190. Samskara says:

    baby name as per date of birth malayalam jyothisham

  191. Karn says:

    i was born on 7th dec what is my naal according to malayalam

  192. Pranati says:

    malayalam calender with birth star on 28 aug 1990

  193. Suravi says:

    kooru of person who born on 4 december 1992

  194. Edi says:

    which is the best malayalam nakshatram for girls

  195. Hemang says:

    matching of magam star of a girl with pooram star of boy

  196. Satyamurty says:

    what if mothers and babies stars are same according to malayalam jyothisham

  197. Sukhajat says:

    Year 1997 month 2 date 2 where is tha star malayala manorama calendar

  198. Triambika says:

    Give the malayalam star (like aswathy bharani etc) of the day 9june1994

  199. Yogendra says:

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  203. Ish says:

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  205. Kathyayani says:

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  210. Aradhya says:

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  211. Sajiv says:

    1991 march 31 which star was can i check it in mathruboomi calender

  212. Gurubachan says:

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  213. Divija says:

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  214. Madhavdas says:

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  217. Gopa says:

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  218. Somya says:

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  219. Samanyu says:

    what is speciality of pooram naal in jyothisham

  220. Vrajesh says:

    date of birth 10 3 1978 5 24am astrolgy utradam please predict

  221. Udarsh says:

    what is my star sign in english if my malayalam star sign is pooyam?

  222. Darsh says:


  223. Sumangal says:

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  224. Vasana says:

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  240. Satanand says:

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  241. Bilva says:

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  246. Sarvad says:

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  247. Shatrujit says:

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  248. Varindra says:

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  251. Devarshi says:

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  252. Manojavaya says:

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  253. Manideepa says:

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  255. Shyamal says:

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  256. Hamsa says:

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  268. Naagarjun says:

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  269. Shyamangi says:

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  270. Sudev says:

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  272. Prithviraj says:

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  292. Ish says:

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  294. Utpatti says:

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    25th octobar 1994 (specialities of the day kerala astronami)

  318. Suyati says:

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  319. Hemaprabha says:

    My star is pooradam on 1987 november 24 what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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  333. Rigved says:

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  339. Aanandswarup says:

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  349. Vallabha says:

    as my janma nakshatra is the right time to buy acar

  350. Vipula says:

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  352. Samanyu says:

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  365. Pasha says:

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  376. Manjusri says:

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  378. Name (required) says:

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