Chitra Nakshatram, Chitra Birth Star Astrology Predictions

Chitra nakshatra or Chitta nakshatram is the 14th nakshatram in the list of 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. If you born in Chitra nakshatra (birth star constellation), based on your birth time and pada of Chitra nakshatra, you are categorized under either Kanya Rasi (Virgo zodiac) or Tula Rasi (Libra zodiac). Chitta nakshatra’s first two (1, 2) padas fall under Virgo and remaining two (3, 4) padas fall under Libra. Here are the predictions of your personality and characteristics.

Physical Features:

As you are a native of Chitra birth star, you may have strong and well shaped body. You may attract people with your physique. Your smile is loved by many people and they really want your friendship. You may look younger than your actual age.


As your Deity is Lord Viswakarma, the divine architect, you are creative, imaginative and smart thinker. You are known for your smart talking. People may appreciate your artistic view. You may have strong and brave attitude. Decent, dignified, loyal, generous and warm hearted are the words that describe your characters in one sentence. You may defeat your enemies gallantly.

You are known for your grace and sophisticated lifestyle. You can easily stand out in a crowd. Some people may think that you are cunning and selfish. You love arts and all beautiful stuff. You are fond of good clothes.

Education and Profession:

As you are a good learner and intuitive, you are capable of accomplishing higher studies. You are good at mathematics, science, medicine and arts. You may become a good professional person in painting and writing. You are suitable to study industrial engineering and biomedical engineering.

You feel good at your workplace. You may see a clear settlement in your professional side. You may suffer from some of your cunning colleges.

Careers Ideally Suited for You:

As you are research minded and willing to learn, professions related to research, and teaching are suitable for you. As you like mechanical analysis, you may become a good surgeon, architect, and automobile engineer and may search for other intellectual professions.

As you like arts, you may find a good career in visual arts, advertizing, designing, interior decoration and careers related to horticulture and gardening. Some of you may convert your hobby into a full-time profession.

Family Life:

You may have an ideal life partner. You are the favorite person for your family members. Your problem solving attitude makes you closer to your relatives and neighbors.

Health Problems:

You may prone to the diseases related to urinary system such as kidney and bladder troubles. You may suffer from migraine (head ache), psychiatric and brain disorders.

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  1. Rajendra Prasad Ganta says:

    Our younger son born on 12th March, 2001 at 01.08pm (1308 hours) what will be the Nakshatram and Raasi. Please give details on the DOB of our future predictions,a nd what are the good days and good numbers according to his birth star. His name is Ganta Chandra Haas (name is not selected according star), recently 10th passed
    Thank you.

  2. kavitha says:

    My daughter is rishaba rasi ,rohini natchathiram born on 17.04.1991 at 11.08 pm with dhanusu lagna.she s loving a boy who is thulam rasi chithirai natchathiram,simma lagna boy born on 27.06.1985. I want to now the compatibility between the two and wether my daughter is having any dosha?

  3. Hari Babu Anantha says:

    My Daughter born 3rd Jan 2016 1:54pm at Madanapally Andhra padesh
    How is her life, Carrier & Matrimonial

  4. Aparna says:

    My daughter belongs to chitta Nakshatra. What Nakshatra will get on with her In Matrimonial search

  5. Arun rajan IT says:

    sir,my DOB-07/04\1993,
    iam suffering many problems,in my education..what i can do,..when j will marry ..pls tell sir

  6. yoga says:

    sir my daughter was born on 13/oct/2015 at 3.17 am which name is suitable for her and how is her life pls tel me

  7. BINDHUMOL says:

    After reading your chithira star details, all are true in my life. All matters which described in it is wonderful. Every thing is true. How you can do this? Thank you. If you now the details of chithira in 2015 please sent details ….thank you so much…………

  8. santhi says:

    Na peru santhi dob:05-05-1993 mrng 5 gantala 5 nimishalu naku marraige eppudu avthundho cheppandi

  9. Ambli Nair says:

    I born on 30th March, 1983, got married in may, 2008. I was blessed with a baby gal in june 2009. Now i m seperated from my husband and daughter, the seperation was o 21st January, 2013.
    I want to know what is there in my future life. Will i get an opportunity to move abroad with a good job, if yes then in which year?
    Will my previous marriage will work out in future or is there a second marriage takes place?

  10. Dhandu says:

    Am belong to kanni rasi and chitra nakshatram,my age is going to be 30 in the month of november, not yet married and am looking of family business.
    Please tell me how about my future and when will i get marry,will i get suitable life partner

  11. Lalitha says:

    My boy baby was born on 18.04.2011 chitra star and tula rasi in chitra month. Still now after 3 years 3 months he is not speaking. Please is there any solution for this

  12. Prasheetha says:

    Tula rashi and chitra natchatram female native life prediction?

  13. Jag Jeevan says:

    tula rashi chitra nakshatra good time in 2013

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    wat is the best career for a chitra birthstar born

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    character of girl have chitra star with libra sun sign

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    horoscope for chitra nakshatra tula rasi born on 6/5/1963 at 10:30pm hindupad com

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    horoscope for chitra nakshatra tula rasi born on 6/5/1963 at 10:30pm

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    about chitra nakshatra 1 padam in kanya rashi

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    astrovison matching birth stars for marriage of a boy born in chitra

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    compatibility Kenya Rashi Hasta Nakshatra and virschika Rashi Anuradha Nakshatra

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    how will be the future forecast of chitra star

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    which facing is good for birth star chitta

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    which stars male are suitable for chitra star girls

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    how is the time for chithrai nakshthra 2013

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    what is the name chitra birth star in english

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    how will be the life of chittha nakshatram 1 padam

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    chithirai nakshathiram thulam rasi which stone suppose to use this person

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    chitra star is good for men or not

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    kanya rashi chitra nakshatra 1 padam is good or bad

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    god tamil names for thula rasi chithirai 4 padam

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    what is good starting letter for chitra nakshatra

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    how it is time for thulam rasi-chitra star reply

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    which is the best business option for chitha male nakshatra

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    for kanni rasi girls which is the best time to propose love

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    how it is for chitra padam 2 kanya rashi 2013

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    If the girl and boy has same nakshatra chitta for marriage is it good

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    Chithira 3rd and 4th pada May 29th 2013

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    chithirai rasi people ever win lottery according to vedic astrology

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    Thula Rasi Chitra nitcheram pl give horoscope may to Dec 2013 ?

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