Malayalam Nakshatra List | 27 Janma Naal in Malayali Calendar

Janma Nakshatram or Janma Naal is the birth star in Malayalam calendar and Astrology. In every Panchagam in Hindu Astrology, there are 27 Janma Nakshatras (Nalukal in Malayalam).

The Nakshatras are same in Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and all other Hindu panchanga but the names varies as per the particular language.

As per the Astrology, Janm Nakshatra or birth star constellation influences a persons characteristics, personality traits, and some other features of the life. Here is the list of 27 Malayalam Nakshatrams:

1. Aswathi Nakshatra –Ashwini Nakshatra Predictions 2020-2021

2. Bharani NakshatraBharani Nakshatra Predictions 2020-2021

3. Kaarthika NakshatraKaarthika Nakshatra Predictions 2020-2021

4. Rohini NakshatraRohini Nakshatra Predictions 2020-2021

5. Makeeram NakshatraMakayiram Predictions 2020-2021

6. Thiruvathira NakshatraThiruvathira Predictions 2020-2021

7. Punartham NakshatraPunartham Predictions 2020-2021

8. Pooyam NakshatraPooyam Predictions 2020-2021

9. Aayilyam NakshatraAayilyam Predictions 2020-2021

10. Makam NakshatraMakam Predictions 2020-2021

11. Pooram NakshatraPooram Predictions 2020-2021

12. Uthram NakshatraUthram Predictions 2020-2021

13. Atham NakshatraAtham Predictions 2020-2021

14. Chithra NakshatraChithra Predictions 2020-2021

15. Chothi NakshatraChothi Predictions 2020-2021

16. Visaakham NakshatraVisaakham Predictions 2020-2021

17. Anizham NakshatraAnizham Predictions 2020-2021

18. Thrikketta Nakshatra Thrikketta Predictions 2020-2021

19. Moolam NakshatraMoolam Predictions 2020-2021

20. Pooraatam NakshatraPooraatam Predictions 2020-2021

21. Uthraatam NakshatraUthraatam Predictions 2020-2021

22. Thiruvonam NakshatraThiruvonam Predictions 2020-2021

23. Avittam NakshatraAvittam Predictions 2020-2021

24. Chathayam NakshatraChathayam Predictions 2020-2021

25. Pooratathi NakshatraPooratathi Predictions 2020-2021

26. Uthrattaathi NakshatraUthrattaathi Predictions 2020-2021

27. Revathi NakshatraRevati Predictions 2020-2021

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  1. fasil hannath says:

    my dob 2 nov 1991 please tell my janmanal

  2. santhosh says:

    My dob is 28 June 1990 what is my janmanal at 11:30am

  3. Brinta Athanasious says:

    My birth date is 27-11-1990..I want to know my birth time and Malayalam birth star( naalu)?

  4. Seema B Alex says:

    19th January 1972, birth place is mumbia but time I don’t know. can u please say what is my naal in malayalam nakshatra

  5. joxin joy says:

    my date of birth 01-10-1981 nall ethanu

  6. Abhilash says:

    Sir my name Abhilash my date of birth 15/09/1992 nakshathram Aswathi how to my future life

  7. Rajeevan says:

    My dob is june 30 1997. What is my birthstar

  8. Ajesh says:

    My date of bith is 7 th March-1986
    What is my janmanal??

  9. Anish says:

    29.08.1986….9.30 am

  10. Rames says:

    Born in malayala varsham 1137.Star pooroorattathi month Meenam. Intimate me the date of birth of that person.

  11. Nabeel says:

    11/02/1997 female
    04/03/1989 male
    Eathanu nakshatram varika.
    Please Send me a reply

  12. mohan kumar says:

    Boy born at a about 11:30 am on October 20,1986 having nakshathram karthika.can marriage proposal b matched. With a girl having uthraadam nakshathram and born during malayala maasam dhanu?

  13. Soorajsoumya says:

    15/04/1989 female
    03/11/1979 male
    Njagal married Annu
    Children ayyittila
    Nakshatra thil kuzhappam uddo
    Plz correct reply

  14. unni says:

    Male 28.07.1982 chothi
    Female 07.05.1993 anizham

  15. rajal says:

    may 16th 1:30 pm which birth star?

  16. Santo Joseph says:

    I want to know my naal
    DOB-03 Nov 1988

  17. Francis says:

    What is the star for 29 may 4.44 am

  18. v4 says:

    I’m female revathi 04/09/1993 and male Vishakham 02/04/1991

  19. SUDHIR BABU says:

    For us a beautiful son has born after 7 years. His nakshathram is uthram.I wanted to select a good name. So I wanted to know in which good letter should I start.

  20. Tonymon Joseph says:

    Jathaka porutham of Revathi boy a d karthika girl

  21. RENJITJ says:

    26/06/1993 malayala masam 1168 midhunam 12 shaniazhcha UTHRAM Nalil janichu
    sir yeniku ariyendathu joliye kurichu ,bhavi jeevithathe kurichum
    please reply

  22. kiran says:

    birthstar punartham,14 april 1997(Medam 1st).time 1.04pm. pls.tellme this belongs to edavakoor or karkidam

  23. arunkumar.p says:


  24. Padma Viswanathan Self says:

    What is the auspicious occasion on 17 the July 2017 and what is the star

  25. Snehal says:

    Born on 25-10-1985 at 1.45 am in Mumbai can you please send me my nakshatram

  26. Venugopalanpr says:

    Which is the vriksha (tree) of rohini star ?

  27. Anwar says:

    What is the janma nakshathra on 04/02/1994

  28. MAHESH MB ACHARI says:


  29. Vineeth says:

    How can I find the Porutham between rohini and revathiiii nakshatra

  30. Aayushi says:

    Is thiruvathira boy and vishakam girl compatible ?

  31. Abigail says:

    I want to know abt anizham

  32. Abigail says:

    Horoscope for 16-12-2017

  33. Ajithsudhakaran says:

    bharani and karthika marriage match

  34. Sameer ahmad says:

    I’m sameer enikkente naalum nakshtravum ariyaan taalparyamundu my date of birth 04/04/1982

  35. NB Nair says:

    What are the names in English of these 27 constellations in which these 27 stars are located?

  36. Priyanka says:

    My birth date is November 5 2007 enta naale antha

  37. Nair Divya says:

    I was born on 28 th december 2003 what is my naal in Malayalam nakshatra..

  38. Dipin says:

    My birth date is 6th August 1994 Wich is my nal

  39. Famitha says:

    My dob is 14/10/1980 please tell my janmanaal