Kapala Bhairava Mantra

Sri Kapala Bhairava is the sixth form of Ashtabhairava Murthi, eight manifestations of Lord Bhairava.



Sri Kapala Bhairava appears Yellow in complexion, carries the same weapons like that of Unmatta Bhairava and rides on an elephant.

Consort of Kapala Bhairava is Indrani Mata.

Vahana of Kapala Bhairava – Elephant

Direction – North West

Temple dedicated to Kapala Bhairava – Thiruvirkudi, Thirupanthuruthi

Janma Nakshatra (Birth star) of Kapala Bhairava is – Bharani, Pooram (Purva Phalguni), Puradam (Purvashada).

Stone related to Kapala Bhairava swamy is – Vajra (Heera – Diamond)

Kapala Bhairava Mantra:

Om Hreem Kreem Hreem Sreem Kapala Bhairavaya Namaha

ॐ ह्रीं क्रीम ह्रीं श्रीम कपाल भैरवाय नमः


I bow down to Kapala Bhairava and seek his blessings.


Puts and end to all unproductive works and actions

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