Chandra Grahan 2015, 2016, 2017: Lunar Eclipse in 2015, 2016, 2017

The list of Chandra Grahan, Lunar Eclipse dates in 2015, 2016 & 2017 is here. This list of Chandra Grahan (2015, 2016 & 2017) is given including Rashi or zodiac sign in which Grahan will occur.

Pregnant Care during Lunar or Solar Eclipse

Scientific Reasons on Pregnant care during Surya or Chandra Grahan

What is Chandra Grahan and how it occurs?

Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse) is a stage of Moons cycle, where the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun. Lunar eclipse occurs at a moment when the Moon, Sun and Earth are absolutely aligned, or reach nearer, with the Earth in the middle of the three. Then the Moon comes across through some part of the Earths shadow and darkens the planet Moon. Usually, Lunar eclipse occurs on the Full Moon Day (Purnima).

Effects of Lunar Eclipse

Usually, the Lunar Eclipse has been quoted as a bad omen. As per the Hindu astrology or mythology, Moon administrates the personal and domestic issues – the social and psychological behavior. Moon does not affect the administration part, rulers, politics or the government of a country or the society. Lunar Eclipse affects more on individual side.

Moon Cycle – Effects on Women and Domestic Side

Lunar cycle predominantly impacts women and domestic issues. Only the private issues are affected with Chandra Grahan.

Dates of Lunar Eclipses (Chandra Grahans) – in 2014, 2015 & 2016

15 April 2014 – Total Lunar Eclipse (Sampurna Chandra Grahan)

8 October 2014 – Total Lunar Eclipse (Purna Chandragrahanam)

4 April 2015 – Total Lunar Eclipse (Sampurna Chandra Grahanam)

28 September 2015 – Total Lunar Eclipse (Purna Chandragrahan)

23 March 2016 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Prachchaya Chandra Grahan)

18 August 2016 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Prachchaya Chandra Grahan)

16 September 2016 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Prachchaya Chandra Grahan)

11 February 2017 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Prachchaya Chandra Grahan)

7 August 2017 – Partial Lunar Eclipse (Pakshika Chandra Grahan)

Dates of Lunar Eclipses (Chandra Grahans) – in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 and Zodiac Signs (Lagnas) of the Eclipses:

7th July, Tuesday, 2009 – Capricorn (Mesha raashi)

6th August, Thursday, 2009 – Capricorn (Makar raasi)

31st December, Thursday, 2009 – Cancer (Karkataka raasi)

26th June, 2010 – Capricorn (Mesha raashi)

21st December, 2010 – Gemini (Midhuna raasi)

15th June, 2011 – Sagittarius (Dhanu raashi)

10th December, 2011 – Gemini (Midhuna rashi)

4th June, 2012 – Sagittarius (Dhanussu raasi)

28th November, 2012 – Gemini (Midhuna raasi)

25 April 2013: Partial Lunar Eclipse (Pakshik Chandra Grahan)

25 May 2013: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Pakshika Chandra Grahanam)

18 October 2013: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Pakshik Chandra Grahan)

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