Chandra Grahan April 2013 in India Time: Lunar Eclipse in India on April 25-26, 2013

Lunar Eclipse, Chandra Grahan in April 2013 is Pakshik Chandra Grahan, Khandgraas Chandragrahan, Ansika Chandra Grahanam. This Chandra Grahan will be visible all over India. It occurs for more than 27 minutes. The Penumbral lunar eclipse lasts for approximately 4 hours and 8 minutes.

April 25 & 26 is Purnima (Chaitra Purnima). It is also celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti. It is to note that Chandra Grahan occurs on Punrima (Full Moon day).

As per the IST (Indian Standard Time), the timings of Chandra Grahan on April 25, 26 in 2013….

Chandra Grahan begins in the night on April 25th and continues till the early morning on April 26, 2013.

From all the cities of India: Jammu, Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir), Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Patiala (Punjab), Ambala (Haryana), Shimla, Dehradun, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer (Rajasthan), Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Nanded (Maharashtra), Panaji (Goa), Bangalore, Mysore, Gulbarga, Mangalore (Karnataka), Chennai, Madurai, Salem, Coimbatore, Trichy (Tamil Nadu), Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin, Calicut (Kerala), Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Warangal, Nellore, Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh), Bhubaneswar, Cuttack (Odisha), Kolkata, Howrah, Darjeeling, Durgapur, Asansol (West Bengal), Guwahati (Assam), Agartala (Tripura), Kohima (Nagaland), Imphal (Manipu), Aizwal (Mizoram), Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh), Gangtok (Sikkim), Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, Agra, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh), Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Ujjain, Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh), Patna, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur, Purnia (Bihar), Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Ranchi (Jharkhand), Raipur, Bhilai (Chhattisgarh), the enthusiasts can watch the Lunar Eclipse of this 25, 26 April 2013.

Penumbral Eclipse begins at – 11.34 PM on 25th April 2013 (Grahan Sparsha Kaal)

Partial Eclipse begins at – 1.24 AM on 26th April 2013 (Pakshika Chandra Grahan begins at)

Mid Eclipse (Greatest Eclipse) at – 1.37 AM (Grahan Madhya kaal)

Partial Eclipse ends at – 1.51 AM on 26th (Pakshika Chandra Grahan ends at)

Penumbral eclipse ends at – 3.41 AM on 26th April (Grahan Antya kaal)

This Partial lunar eclipse will be visible over Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia with duration of 27 minutes. India, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand and many more countries from the above said continents will view the Chandra Grahan clearly.

As per the Universal Time (GMT), the timings of Chandra Grahan April 25, 2013…

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 18:03:38

Partial Eclipse Begins: 19:54:08

Greatest Eclipse: 20:07:30

Partial Eclipse Ends: 20:21:02

Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 22:11:26 UT

USA, Canada, Mexico, and some South American countries, and Eastern Australian places will miss out this lunar eclipse.

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  7. Lahiri’s Indian Ephemeries 2013 page87 details : commencement at 25 hr 22 mts.
    Maximum 25 hrs 38 mts.
    Eclipse ends at 25 hrs 53 mts,total duration is of merely 31 minutes.
    Classical writers were of divergent views whether to accept such small duration accountable as eclipse.Vishwa Panchang from Kurali has a long article on this subject.