Chandra Grahan October 2013 Astrology Predictions: Effect of Chandragrahan on various Rashis

Chandra Grahan October 2013 Astrology Predictions, Effect of Chandragrahan on various Rashis. October 2013 Lunar Eclipse Astrology Predictions. Lunar Eclipse effect on 12 Rashis in 2013.

This article gives you the details of astrology predictions of Chandra Grahan 18, 19 October 2013, the effect of this Chandragrahan (lunar eclipse) on various Rashis or zodiac signs. October 2013 Chandra Grahan will be a Pakshika Chandra grahan or Partial lunar eclipse.

It may visible in India, Asia, South America, Australia and South Eastern Asia and many more places. The eclipse will also be visible in USA (United States of America), Canada, Mexico and some other parts of North America.

The Prachchaya Chandra Grahan (Tejoheena Chandragrahanam) will occur on Ashwin Purnima (Kojagari Purnima / Sharad Purnima). It occurs in Mesha Rashi and Ashwini Nakshatra. The total duration of this Ketu grastha Chandragrahan is 239 minutes (3 hours and 59 minutes).

So it is recommended for Ashwini nakshatra and other Mesha rashi natives to not see Chandra Grahan. It is also advised to perform ‘Ketu Puja’ after the eclipse.

Chandra Grahan October 2013 in India Time, Lunar Eclipse October 2013 Time in India

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Effect of Chandra Grahan October 2013 on various Rashis:

  1. Mesha Rasi (Aries zodiac) – Mixed results to negative results (neutral impact)… Click here for more detailed astrology predictions of effect of lunar eclipse on Mesha rashi natives.
  2. Vrishabha Rasi (Taurus zodiac) – Average to positive results (Positive impact)… Click here to read more predictions on Vrishabha Rashi and Chandra grahan.
  3. Mithuna Rashi (Gemini zodiac) – Good results (Average to positive effects)… Click here to read detailed predictions of Chandra Grahan for Mithuna rashi.
  4. Karka Rasi (Karkataka Rashi – Cancer zodiac) – Average results (Neutral impact)…Click here to read detailed chandra grahan predictions for karka rashi.
  5. Simha Rasi (Leo zodiac) – Average results (Neutral impact)… Click here to read detailed chandra grahan predictions for simha rashi.
  6. Kanya Rasi (Virgo zodiac) – Bad results (negative effect)… Click here to read more on chandra grahan effect on Kanya rashi.
  7. Tula Rasi (Libra zodiac) – Bad results (negative effects)… Click here for more Tula rashi and lunar eclipse astrology predictions
  8. Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio zodiac) – Not good results (negative impact)… Read more on the effect of this lunar eclipse on Vrischika rashi natives.
  9. Dhanu Rasi (Sagittarius zodiac) – Good results (positive impact)… Read more for Dhanu rashi and Chandra Grahan predictions.
  10. Makar Rashi (Capricorn zodiac) – Good results (Positive results)… Read more about Makar rashi and chandra grahan, chandra grahan effect on Makara rashi natives
  11. Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius zodiac) – Bad to average results (negative / neutral impact)… Read more about Kumbha rashi and Chandra grahan… how lunar eclipse affects kumbha rashi natives
  12. Meena Rashi (Pisces zodiac) – Average to positive results (neutral to good results)… Read more about Meena Rashi and Chandra Grahan… Lunar Eclipse Astrology Predictions for Meena rashi.

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