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  1. My daughter’s delivery date is expected on 16-09-2014 with +/- 1 week. If it will be compulsory to go for cesarean operation, I would like to fix a auspicious date for birth. Her name is Naidu Lakshmi Sruthi & herband name is Naidu Ramakrishna, gothra is amaravathi. Please suggest best date to proceed.

  2. I want to know when will my baby have the best horoscope incase he/she is born between 1 to 8 October 2014 at Dallas, Texas, USA?

  3. Could you please tell me the best time for baby delivery between 6 to 15 aug’14 & timing as between 8 am to 8 pm.

  4. I need a excellent muhurat for caesarean opration in the time frame of oct 1 to 17 2014.

  5. I need a excellent muhurat for cesarean operation. in the time frame 14 august 2014 to 6 september 2014…..
    Place : Pune (Maharashtra State)

  6. Dear Naveen,
    Are you deciding the timing of a particular date based on chaughadia? How far it is significant when we consider auspicious lagna?

  7. very shubh days in july 2013 for pregent women for delivery baby according to lndian astrology

  8. I would like know complete horoscope. can you please tell him how to approach for this. I have some specific question related to job how can i get the details for it.

  9. which is the most auspicious day in june 2013 to give birth to child according to indian astrology

  10. Please tell me the auspicious date and time for C-section from 25th Sept., 2013 to 10th Oct, 2013. I am from Kolkata, India

  11. Please let me know the auspicious dates and time as per hindu astrology in the month of december 2013 for giving birth to a baby through C section.

  12. what if baby born at 6:30 pm on 30th may according to hinduism which rashi is it its a boy

  13. hi plz tell me which is the best day to deliver our baby. My due is on 13th June 2013. so from 1st June to 15th June plz suggest me good days. Thanks

  14. Please can you provide the auspicious dates for C-Section for the rest of the year 2013. Currently above reflects only till July 2013. Thanks much.

  15. best birth hindu nakshtra for baby born in august last week and september first week 2013