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Auspicious dates in 2019 for Cesarean deliveries | When to deliver a baby in 2019 best time & shubh muhurat

Auspicious dates in 2019 for Cesarean deliveries, When to deliver a baby in 2019 best time, shubh muhurat. Good days for child birth in 2019. C-section dates.

Hindupad is receiving number of queries on shubh muhurats for Cesarean deliveries in 2019. We have found some auspicious dates in 2019 during when pregnant women can deliver babies.

Normal Delivery / C-Section delivery muhurat 2018

This list of good dates for cesarean deliveries is included with shubha nakshatra, Shubha lagna, Shubha muhurta and shubha visesha tithi.

For Customized or Personalized C-Section Muhurat Report, write to hindupad@gmail.com. We’ll guide you about the procedure to get the report. Please note it is Paid Service.

Here are the general shubha muhurthams for safe delivery in each month of 2019.

Auspicious cesarean delivery dates in January 2019

1 January 2019 – Swati Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Auspicious Time = 10 AM to 10.30 AM

3 January 2019 – Anuradha Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Auspicious Time = 9.45 AM to 10.15 AM

10 January 2019 – Shatabhisha Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Auspicious Time = 9.15 AM to 9.45 AM

12 January 2019 – Uttarabhadra Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Auspicious Time = 9.15 AM to 9.45 AM

13 January 2019 – Revati Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Auspicious Time = 9 AM to 9.30 AM

14 January 2019 – Ashwini Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Auspicious Time = 9 AM to 9.30 AM

20 January 2019 – Punarvasu Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Auspicious Time = 8.45 AM to 9.15 AM

24 January 2019 – Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Auspicious Time = 8.15 AM to 8.45 AM

28 January 2019 – Swati Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Auspicious Time = 8 AM to 8.30 AM

30 January 2019 – Anuradha Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Auspicious Time = 8 AM to 8.30 AM

For Customized or Personalized C-Section Muhurat Report, write to hindupad@gmail.com. We’ll guide you about the procedure to get the report. Please note it is Paid Service.

We’ll provide Cesarean delivery muhurats (C-section birth) for all countries’ residents like India, USA, Canada, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Qatar, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Maldives, Bali, Japan, China, Fiji, Ghana, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Bay Islands, Guyana, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Croix (briefly), Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Congo, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and all other countries in the world.

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    which telugu stars are good for giving birth to the baby

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    what is the good time to deliver a baby by cesarean after 6 30

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    I would like know complete horoscope. can you please tell him how to approach for this. I have some specific question related to job how can i get the details for it.

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    good dates for baby birth in august2013 according to telugu astrology

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    Baby Girl Born at 7 50pm on Sani Pradosham July 20th 2013

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    auspicious date for caesarean in july 2013 according to hindu

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    auspicious day and time to delivery baby in july and august

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    subh mahurat of cesarian child birth on date 04/08/2013

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    which is the best child birth day on september 2013 tamilnadu

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    what date is best for child birth in hindi calender

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    lucky day selection for baby caesarian birth regarding bengali jyotish shastra

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    how to know the best day for delivery of baby

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    what is the good day for childbirth in the month of september

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    good dates for delivery of new children in october

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    is 19th of August a good auspicious day for operations

  112. Chidaatma says:

    the best date in september to deliver a baby

  113. Aishwarya says:

    Dear Naveen,
    Are you deciding the timing of a particular date based on chaughadia? How far it is significant when we consider auspicious lagna?

  114. prabitha binesh says:

    i want to know the shubh muhart in month of september 2015 for my c section. my due date is 2oth september 2015. please revert.

  115. Prasad says:

    My wife Delivery date is expected on 01/04/2015 with +/- 10 days . And it will be compulsory to go for cesarean operation(As it is our 2nd baby), I would like to fix a auspicious date for birth. Kindly suggest the best date between march 15th to April 6th.

  116. sukanya says:

    Kindly update for September and October 2015 c-section. As my delivery dates are between 29 Sep to 11 October.plz let me know the best dates.

  117. madhu says:

    Please update for Oct 1 to Oct 15 2015 as my due date falls in those days.it would help me plan my caesarean date. Thank you.

    • Suman Adhikay says:

      Pls provide auspicious day for baby birth in the month of December 2017. between 6th December 2017-12thDecember 2017

  118. sreesh says:

    My son born on 17th February 2015 during mahasivaratri. The tithi is krishnapaksha chaturdasi. Is this time consider as inauspicious? Any remedy is needed? Please reply

  119. Soumitra Bhattacharje says:

    Please update auspicious date for cesarean delivery for August 2015

  120. Soumitra Bhattacharje says:

    Please update the auspicious dates for cesarean for August & September 2015

  121. Babina Dash says:

    My due date is on August. Can you please advice me the auspicious date and time for August 2015

  122. pankaj sharma says:

    From today onward which dates are most luckey for C Section birth upto 10/06/15

  123. Ishita says:

    Whether 31st may 2015 is an auspicious day for c section delivery… As this is our second baby which will be c section only.. Pls advise

  124. Bhavana Medimi says:

    My due date is by June last week 2015. Can you please advice me the auspicious date and time.

  125. Alex says:

    Are these dates based on western or eastern calendar?

  126. Anjali says:

    Hi, I wanted to know the best delivery date and time for August 1-10 in Melbourn Australia. Your help and response will be highly appropriated.

  127. Javed Shaikh says:

    Which auspicious date is better in july 2015
    20 or 24

  128. satish patel says:

    Today night my wife syjerian operation please tell best time

  129. Chitradip Mukherjee says:

    which auspicious date is best in 16th October to 12th November 2015

  130. Kishore says:

    Pls suggest one good aspecious day in between Sep-15 to sep-20

  131. divya says:

    My daughter is born on August 17th 2012 between 8:30 to 8:45 is this time consider as inauspicious, any remedy is required pls reply

  132. AJEET says:

    please update for month of november 2015

  133. Harish Naidu says:

    4th october 2015
    auspicious day is good in bangalore for c section

  134. Vikesh says:

    MY wife’s due date is on 28th oct but doctor said no chance of normal so for ceserian which date is best between 13 to 18th of October 2015 pls let me inform we resides in new delhi.

  135. rintu mandal says:

    which day is best for c-section between 17th october to 2nd november.reply me soon.because my date is so close now

  136. Ezhilarasi says:

    My delivery date is 8th January 2016. Nakshatra is kettai and molam. These two nakshatra is not good for delivery people suggested me. kindly tell me in January 2016 which date is good for cesarean delivery. My first delivery is cesarean only. so kindly give the delivery date suggestion for C-Section Delivery to me. It will help to me and my baby safe. kindly send the email to sankardevaki27@gmail.com or ezhilvarshini@yahoo.com

  137. Deepak says:

    Is October 30 auspicious for c sec

  138. sailaja says:

    my delivery date is 6th January 2016.
    doctor suggested delivery date between 23rd December 2015 to 3rd / 4th jan 2016. kindly tell me in January 2016 which date is good for cesarean delivery. My first delivery is cesarean only. so kindly give the delivery date suggestion for C-Section Delivery to me. It will help to me and my baby safe. kindly send the email lanka.rajesh@gmail.com

  139. sarmila says:

    My daughter’s delivery date is tentatively dec 18 2015 in Kolkata.(C-section). Kindly suggest best auspicious date and time of delivery nearby (within may be 15 days both sides).jbhaumik2009@gmail.com.Will be ever grateful

  140. chithra says:

    I am from bangalore.my delievery date is 15 nov 2015 to 18 nov 2015.my first baby is also c- session pls tell me sir good time for baby delivery for c-sesssion.kindly tell me good time and subh muthuram for cessarean.it help me and my baby safe.

  141. Gita says:

    December 24 is my delivery date is it good day

  142. Asha says:

    Which day is best among Nov 16 and Nov 18… Please let me know

  143. shailesh says:

    which date is best in late december-2015 ,for babys forein(pardesh) yog and education,guru,and powerful kundli yog.
    please give me date.

  144. shailesh says:

    which date is best in late december-2015for boy bay birth

  145. Hii my baby boy born on this diwali 11th November 2015 in the morning at 6.44am.
    Is it okay?

  146. Pushkar says:

    18.11.15 Second time morning 9.30 to 12.30.
    18.11.15 time 17.20 to 19.05 best time for baby born

  147. prasanna says:

    plz give one date for delivery for my wife in december 2015.now she is in anantapur ,ap,

  148. Ramakrishna says:

    my wife c section done on 5th Dec 2015 during 2:30-3pm kindly give us the needful information at earliest.thanks in advance-RK

  149. Prasad says:

    Please give me ideal date for cesarean to my sister after 24th and before 30th. We stay in bangalore and fathers nakshatra is vishaka and mothers pushya

  150. priyanka e says:

    My delivery date is 12th Jan 2016. Doctor permitted 25th to 31 st Dec 2015. So pls kindly tell me in which date good for c- section delivery to me . It will help to me &my baby safe & baby in good for future life. Kindly send the email rudreshpura99@yahoo.co.in

  151. plz tell me for 22/12/2015

  152. Sunitha Suni says:

    Please tell me auspicious date in JANUARY 2016 with time

  153. Ram mohan says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am from Hyderabad, what is the good date and time for delivery between 5th to 8th jan 2016 to have good horoscopes.


    I am from Goa What is the Best time & Date for delivery between 7th FEB to 14 FEB 2016 to have good horosscopes

  155. Tarun Biswas says:

    Dear Sir, Kindly send the cesarean delivery dates in May 2016. We will be at Pune

  156. Sibani says:

    what is the best dates for c section on Dec,2016?

  157. Annapurna says:

    Hello sir /mam
    . I am Annapurna looking for auspicious dates for delivering my baby through c section between April 15 & 24 th .My nakshatra is makha and my husbands nakshatra is jyestha.can you please guide me with dates as early as possible as i running short of time.kindly send the E-mail.

  158. remya.narayanan says:

    please provide february 2017 dates, time, lagna

  159. Deepak says:

    I am from delhi what is the good date and best time for caesarian delivery between 1st june to 15 june 2016 to have good horoscope

  160. Chandrahas Chandu says:

    Which is the best date january 20 2017to before 10 February 2017.born baby

  161. Anu says:

    Can u give me auspicious day n time for c section in February 2017. The location is Houston Texas.

  162. K M SINGH says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly tell me good mahurat for cesarean delivery in sep-2016 in ABU DHABI (UAE) . IS 22SEP OR 26 SEP ARE GOOD FOR THIS . PLEASE HELP ME.

  163. Tina says:

    Need auspicious date from may 20th till June 10th 2017. Country Malaysia. Thank you

  164. paddu says:

    Hi, what are auspicious days for child birth for baby birth between Jan 27 to Feb 2

  165. roopa says:

    Is jan 1st is the good day and good mahurtham for cesarean delivery

  166. Chaitu says:

    Hello sir /mam
    . I am Chaitanya looking for auspicious dates for delivering my baby through c section between April 14 to April 26 2017 .My nakshatra is uttara kanya rashi and my husbands nakshatra is kruthika ,my son makara,now its a girl baby can you please guide me with date time.sir plz kindly send the Email

  167. Sarla agrawal says:

    Pl give Cesar birthday date in Nov 2016

  168. Saitulasi says:

    what is the auspicious dates for delivering the baby for the period of Mar 10 to Mar30 2017.my nakshtram is kruthika and my husband nakshatram is Bharani. which is the best nakshatram to delivery the baby in mar 2017

  169. Amit says:

    Which are the auspicious days and time in the month of May 2017 for cesarion? kindly help with the details.

  170. Balaji Banoth says:

    Hi sir,
    We are from Hyderabad, we have a cesarean date in Dec 10 to 15 , can we have a good time and date in dec.
    This is 2nd bay.

  171. Nabajyoti Sarmah says:

    Respected Furious,
    Kindly help us by providing a good and lucky day between 5 April to 14 April 2017.

  172. Thida says:

    How much do you charge to customized c section date for Jan 2017?

  173. Arun Puri says:

    I want an Auspicious date for Cesarean delivery around 23 Feb 2017

  174. Arun Puri says:

    V R in Bangalore. Want Dates from 15th Feb to 15th March 2017 for Cesarean delivery

  175. Pallavi Dubey shukla says:

    Suggest me some shubh muhurt date time of January first week
    2017. As m living in Assam golaghat dist.

  176. kasthuri says:

    Sir my Cesarean delivery in june 16, 2017. Pls give me good day in may end to june 16. I m from Malaysia

  177. Prashanth says:

    My name is Prashanth for my wife they have told for csection from 30 the dec to 3 Rd Jan 17 which is best date and timings for cesarean

  178. Naveen K says:

    Thanks for good information,
    i would like to know the C – Section Delivary Dates worked on Which place ( Like Hyderabad or bombay )
    please tell me , and if i want to know the Auspicious Dates for Baby C-Section Delivary for the Hyderabad ( Telangana State ) .

    Thanks A lot
    Naveen K

  179. Chirag says:

    Is 1st jan is good day in good mahurat for cesarian delivery

  180. Krishna says:


    Which day is Auspicious for baby deliver in C-Section in 1 -10 January 2017.

    I am a hindu religion

  181. Dhanam says:

    Sir kindly help me providing a good,lucky day and good nakshatra between jan 2 and 13 jan 2017

  182. Atul says:

    Do the same timing hold when child is to be born in Dubai ?

  183. Ruchi Mishra says:


    I am given dates for cesarean. Can you please suggest the best date from 31-12-2016 to 05-01-2017?


  184. VENKATESAN says:

    sir,kindly providing good date,good nakshatra between 02/01/17 to 10/01/17.

  185. Rajan M says:

    Hi Would like to know auspicious Cesarean delivery dates in May 2017 in Canada

  186. Swathi says:

    I am to delivery in march 20th to April 15 in 2017 mother pushyami and father asleha

  187. VARUN BAJAJ says:

    Hi, we are from delhi.kindly send us a good date and time for baby to be born between 5th january 2017 to 9th January 2017

  188. Manohar says:

    Which date is good for c delivery between 2 jan to 7 jan

  189. ARUN KUMAR says:

    Dear sir,
    We are from Bangalore , we have a cesarean date in January 5 to 7, 2017 can we have a good time and date in January 2017.
    This is our 1st baby.


  190. Mousumi guha says:

    Which are good dates for c section delivery in feb 2017…?

  191. Madhu says:

    Pls.tell me best time n day for c-section between 12’th to 19’th Jan 2017 at Mumbai.. I’ve to block date with doctor.so plz.reply soon.. I’ll b greatful..

  192. Abhishek jain says:

    Which date And time is best for caeserian section delivery in january month especialy in 11,12,13 january

  193. Gopal Sharma says:

    Namestey, pls advise opportune c-section time for Qatar (Doha) between 15 Jan 2017 to 20 Jan 2017. Appreciate your early reply.

  194. dheeraj jain says:

    My wife cesarean delivery date is 12 Jan 2017.
    Pls confirm 12 Jan 2017 is good for best muhrut, we can change date 2-3 days before or after. Pls suggest..

  195. surya says:

    kindly give february c-section dates also

  196. rani says:

    shubh muhurat in febuary 2017 for C section delivery

  197. Poonam Singh says:

    Please notify me immediately regarding shubh mahurat for c-section baby in April 2017

  198. Nagarani says:

    Please let me know what are the auspicious days for Cesarean inn the month of February 2017.

  199. Rajendra says:

    May I know whether 20 is better for c section birth of my baby since the date of Edd given on 24 plz let me know which is good for my healthy baby 16 and 18 and 20 plz let me know as soon as possible

  200. Tejaswini says:

    My due date in jan end 2017 or fe8b 1St wk .pls suggest me good date and time to perform c- section

  201. Santhosh satha says:

    My wife delivery month will be march 2017, can you kindly give a best date for delivery. It’s a baby boy.

  202. mallikarjun says:

    Best day and time for chield birth within 10 th feb 2017

  203. pankaj says:

    hello i am from gurgaon and i want to know some good dates for my first baby birth on this month thanks

  204. Kadari Venkatramana says:

    Hi sir
    Kindly tell me the good muharats for ceaserian delivery between 1st and 2nd week of February 2017 in Hyderabad.
    Please do the needful.

  205. Sanyam Gupta says:

    Please tell me dates for cesarian operation 29 Jan to 2feb 2017

  206. Renu says:

    Hlo sir
    please tell me that 3rd feb is best for ceserion delivery

  207. Prity says:

    Kindly tell me if 14th feb 2017 is a good day for baby born ??? Iam From africa

  208. Steven says:

    Dear sir, Cesarean date on 22 feb 2017. I’m from Singapore. Is this a good date? Thanks

  209. Mukesh Singh says:

    Kindly tell me whether 2 or 3rd Feb 2017 is best date for c section

  210. Sanjay says:

    I would like to know about Shubha Muhurta of a C- section Delevary in between 5th to 12nd Feb2017 at West Bengal, India. Please help me …

  211. Sathya says:

    Best day and time for child birth in February 2017.


  212. Ramesh Babu says:

    Hai Sir,

    Kindly tell me the good shuba mohurats for cesarean delivery Feb 15 to 19 th 2017 between timings.

  213. Navina says:

    How much do u charge for telling auspicious dates for February.?

  214. Suri says:

    Please show auspicious day for delivery during Feb 2017 in Pune, India

  215. manorekha says:

    hi sir,
    im pregnant with my second child and planning for cesarian delivery in april 2017. when in april would be good. its a baby boy.
    my DOB is 17 dec 1980, husband 29 may 1075, elder son 1 july 2014. we live in kuala lumpur, malaysia.
    would apprecite if can give me few dates of choice.
    thnaking you in advance

  216. Amen Mann says:

    We are having our 2nd son in July 2017. Due date is the 8th and we can schedule 1 week ahead. Trying to figure out when will be the best time for our newborn. Lucky days for good fortune etc. Thank you

  217. Madhavi Mokka says:

    Hi Sir,
    I would like to know about Shubha Muhurta of a cesarean Delevary in between 16th to 17th Feb2017 at Khammam , Telangana, India. Please help me …

    Thanks & Regards,

  218. sangeeta says:

    Nameste sir my divelivery date is after 21 of june 2017.want to know subh muhuruth date and time.

  219. P.keerthana says:

    Sir my name is keerthana i want to cesarean from 17.2.17 to 22.2.17 my date of birth june 1st 1988 please reply me good time and date for cesarean . Thanking u

  220. Rahul says:

    Could you please share the dates for March as well?

  221. Teja says:

    Can you Plz give me a date after 20 th 2017 for cesarean delivery and also good time

  222. Puneet Pathak says:

    Hi Sir/Mam,

    Could you please let me know the best suitable time as good muhurat for Cesarean delivery tomorrow that is 24 Feb 2017 after 14:00 hundread hours. Your quick reply will be highly appreceiateable.

    Thanks a lot for your support.

  223. S.Nishanthini says:

    My delivery date is 21st April 2017. please tell me the best day for c section delivery in between April 6 to April 14.

  224. Reshan De Silva says:

    Dear sir,
    My wife is pregnant with her 1st child and we want to know the date 14th of March 2017 is a good date to deliver the baby girl.

  225. Daya says:

    Which date is good for cesarean delivery from 15 to 21st april 2017

  226. shweta says:

    Hii sir,
    Kindly tell me 1 march 2017 is good day for baby born?

  227. Balakrishna says:

    Dear Sir,

    My wife is due for delivery during march 2017. Dictor has advised for the C-Section. Given dates are between 9th march to 12th march 2017. We have to choose the date and inform the doctor. Could you please suggest us the best muhurat and date for the C-Section. Going by the symptom its a baby girl. So our preferred dates are either 9th or 12th.

    I am looking for your advise.

    Thanking you.

  228. kvdrao says:

    Newborn baby Dade April20 to April 30 best time please tell me ser

  229. Archana says:

    Hello, thank you for listing all the dates for cesearean delivery. I wanted to know which time zone have you considered while listing the time. I am based out of Dallas, TX, USA so could you tell the auspicious time to have my c-section delivery on March 16th. Thank you in advance for all your advise.

  230. Harshada Harshad Angane says:

    I am Mrs Harshada Harshad angane due for delivery in march. Which date is good for cesarean delivery between 13/03/17 to 21/03/17.

  231. Anita says:

    Hello Sir, I am looking for auspicious date and time in PST timezone from may 8 to may 11th. The place of birth will be in Newport Beach, California, United States.the baby is a boy.

  232. Niku Baruah says:

    Can you please tell me suitable dates alongwith time… for cesarean delivery between 20th March to 7th April ????? Your quick reply will be highly appreciatable.
    Thanking you.

  233. Guru Dutt says:

    Please suggest a good day and time in March 2017 for cesarean delivery for our daughter-in-law.
    Thanks Sir,
    Guru Dutt

  234. Subathra says:

    I ”ll want to delivery my at sep 5 to sep 13 .Which is good date for me. already l had one daughter through cesarean. sathayam natshathiram

  235. Shweta says:

    Dear sir my daughter is due for delivery during April 2017 Dr advice for the c section given date’s are between 26 April to 5 the may we have choose the date and time and inform to doctor could you please suggest us the best muhurt for c section

  236. Nilam says:

    Dear sir my daughter is due for delivery during April 2017 Dr advice for the c section given date’s are between 26 April to 5 the may we have choose the date and time and inform to doctor could you please suggest us the best muhurt for c section

  237. Ruchi singh says:

    Hello.my name is ruchi singh 24.08.1985.my husband name is aditya vikram singh 25.11.1983..my due date is 1april 2017.i want shubh muhrat before 1april..this is my first delivery.

  238. Kanchan shrivastava says:

    Hello my due date is 7 April 2017 I want to c section could you suggest the date n c section date n to deliver a baby girl

  239. Shyam Shanker says:

    Namaskar, My name is Shyam Shanker, living in Lucknow (UP). my wife’s delivery date is 10th April as per Doctor. Kindly suggest me which time and day is good for new born baby.

  240. parul says:

    can u suggest best time for c section on 2 may 2017?

  241. Saraswathy says:

    Advise me a suitable time in the morning for performing cesarean on 2/4/2017 .

  242. dipak says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife is due for delivery during april-2017. doctor has advised for the c-section. given dates between 01th april to 07th april. could your please suggest us the best muhurah and date for the c- section.

  243. Amit Dahiya says:

    Hi sir/mam
    What are the best child birth dates between 5th April to 10th April.

  244. Palash Mitra says:

    Dear Sir, Myself Palash Mitra from Kolkata. My wife is Manisha expecting for 2nd issue.
    Expected date of delivery given by doctor : 31.08.2017
    We belong to a Bengali Hindu family.
    Please provide us the options of 3/4 dates and timings for cesarean delivery.
    Our preferance is last 2 weeks of July. other than Tuesday and saturday.
    We are preferring Morning times.
    We want baby girl.

  245. Abhijit sinha says:

    I need time and and date of ceserian baby btween 10 th june to 15 th june 2017

  246. Shyla says:

    Auspicious muhurat for caesarean delivery in april last week 2017

  247. Upkar Dawar says:

    Could you please share the dates of May as well?

  248. ANJALI says:


  249. Siddarajuck says:

    Give me a good date for my baby birth in July month
    Between 1st July to 10th July

  250. Lipika Rath says:

    Dear. Sir
    What is the good time for my delivery c section on 4th may 2017 ..inthe mornig time between 6am to 9am

  251. Shweta Sethi says:

    I want to know if 23 rd june is the good day or 19th or 13 th are better for c section .

  252. Anirban Sarkar says:

    Please let me know an auspicious date and time for cesarean delivery as per Hinduism at Kolkata, India.

  253. INDERDEEP says:

    Mine is risk pregnancy doctor gave us 10 days time to choose any date for c section. Can u suggest me the good timing and date according to Hindu mythology

  254. Ankit Champaneri says:

    Give me a best date and time during 1st week of may,2017 for my baby birth.

  255. Naressh says:


    Please give me best date and time during 1st week of may 2017 for my baby birth.

  256. K.M.Gangadhar says:

    For us 10 may 2017 given for cesarean for 2nd baby that day is fullmoon day is it good?

  257. LEENA says:

    15th of October,2017 is good date for my child birth? please suggest me good date n time in october,2017. I want 15 October,is it ok?


  258. Vidya Kumari says:

    Pls advice if there is any auspicious muhurat for C-Section on 10th May other than 10.45-11.15 AM.

  259. Prakash says:

    Give me gud date and time in june

  260. Mani bhushan says:

    My wife having twin pregnancy, I want severing on 10 may 2017.i am rajput. Which time is good.

  261. Shilpi says:

    Hi,I want to know which date will be good for c- section from July 17 to July 21 2017. And I will be delivering in corvallis, Oregon, USA..
    Thank you

  262. Priyanka Kundu says:

    Sir, please confirm me the auspicious moments or dates for c- delivery in kolkata on 15 to 30 th May, 2017. Mother is dhanistha and father is satabhisa. Waiting for your reply.

  263. Abhi says:

    likely date of delivery of our child as per ultrasound scans and doctor’s calculation is between 18 to 20 Sep 2017… can u suggest which date and time will be best for cesarean delivery.

  264. Mohana says:

    My due date may 22. 2017 .suggest c section date.

  265. Venkatesh says:

    Can U suggest auspicious muhurat for cesarean delivery between 17th May 2017 and 31st May 2017

  266. Shalini Tarun says:

    Dear sir/ madam,

    My sister is undergoing c section delivery tomorrow i.e. on 10th May 2017. Kindly suggest the best time for the surgery.

    Thank you

  267. Veni says:

    I am in Richardson Texas can u please let me know the best day and time for c_section this year June 23rd to July 3rd please exclude Saturday’s and sundays here doctors can only perform schedule C-sections in weekdays. My first daughter born in uttara nakshatram (just to avoid ekanakshatra dosam)

  268. Sivaprakash says:

    My first daughter is born on 20th August 2013 avittam nakshatram,mahara raasi..my second boy baby delivery is between May 16 to June 30 of 2017.can suggest me a good date and time please.

  269. Kamaljeet kaur says:

    Sir, please tell me the best time for c section in the month of may 2017 between 15 may to 24 may in Pathankot city in Punjab state

  270. hemanta nayak says:

    my due date is 20/05/17, please give me a suggest date and time

  271. anitha says:

    Good evening sir my due date is on 22/05/2017 and it is a c section delivery so at wat is the good timings

  272. Usha says:

    Dear Sir, we are living in Irving Texas, USA. My actual due date is May 31st but, we would like to go with C-section. Can u please let me know the best day, best muhurth and time for C-section this year(2017) from May 26 to May 31st. Please exclude Saturday’s and sundays as here doctors can schedule C-sections in my weekdays only.
    Thank you!

  273. Dharmesh N mistry says:

    My wife is pregnant, as per doctor in between 10 June to 20 June 2017 any preferable date we will deliver. Kindly suggest me best date and time as soon as possible so I will make plan accordingly.

  274. Neetu says:

    Aispicious days for child birth by cesarean deliveries in first week of june 2017.

  275. Swaty says:

    Dates from June to December 2017 are not available please make them Available for auspicious caesarean date kindly

  276. Tanvi says:

    Hi i want to know which date good for c c-section delivery between 30 may to 5 june 2017

  277. Pooja says:

    I am looking for a c section good auspicious date in June 2017..

  278. asd says:

    looking for auspicious date in July 2017

  279. Nilesh Madhu says:

    Sir, my wife is due for second delivery and due date for delivery is 18.06.17. Doctor tells for cesarean delivery. kindly suggest us good date and time for delivery between 10 june, 2017 to 25 june, 2017.

  280. maverick says:

    Pls provide muhurats for July 2017

  281. neelima says:

    sir i want auspicious dates in july 2017

  282. asmi says:

    looking for C section good auspicious dates in september & octember 2017

  283. m says:

    hi i want to know which date is good for c-section delivery between 27 may to 4 June 2017

  284. sanjib mandal says:

    Plz suggest me an auspicious date for c section delivery of my wife from june 21 to june 30 , 2017.

  285. Aparna tripathi says:

    Looking for a good date in July 2017

  286. Maha says:

    My delivery is due second delivery is due in the September 21, 2017, it is C- Section, Kindly suggest us good date and time for delivery between Sep 7 to Sep 21.


  287. luna says:

    I have c section on 24 august.can you please the muhurtfor the baby.

  288. N Saidababu says:

    Sit, namaste my wife is to be delivered on today, which time is good for cesarean on 05/06/2017

  289. Jayashree chatterjee says:

    Please load auspicious time & date for child birth in december 2017.

  290. Reshma says:

    My due date 19/07/2017 can you suggests us good time C section please

  291. Priya says:

    I want best date for section. Only two dates. June 16 n June 17 th, plz suggest me best date in two n timings

  292. Vinita says:

    hi , I would like to know the good timing for C section date between July 05-July 12th 2017. Location: Akron, Ohio , USA

  293. Gopiraj says:

    Sir meri wife 28/05/2017 ko 5:55pm pe bete ko janm diya. बच्चे का name या अक्षर बताए.

  294. Asmita says:

    Looking out for date& time for c section in jul 2017

  295. Sowmya says:

    Hi,can you provide subh muhurthas for c section delivery in August 2017

    Thank you

  296. sureshkumar says:

    please tell me the auspicious cesaren birth
    dates in the month of july 2017

  297. Swaty says:

    Dates of July month for delivery

  298. Koyel pal says:

    Auspicious dates for birth child August 2017

  299. Vinod kharra says:

    Hi sir my wife cesarean delivery date is 20 jun 17,so plz tell me as soon as possible which date is best and time also specially 20,21,22,24 jun 17.I am from Rajasthan from jat samaz

  300. KK says:

    Hi Sir, I reside in Richmond VA, can I please have good day to have c-section between August21st to August 25th of year 2017, somehow I could not see dates from July,2017 to Dec,2017 in this website.


  301. Abhishek says:

    Please tell me about best date c birth baby in June last and July first week in 2017 in good Graha, nakhshatra.

  302. Shivangi says:

    Sir shubh mahurat for July c section baby

  303. M.S says:

    Plz tell me the auspicious dates & time for c section delivery in July’17

  304. Rajesh Mishra says:

    Pranam sir. my wife cesarean delivery date is 1 july 17,plz provide the best date and time for best future of baby, between 25 june to 30th june.
    My Name
    Rajesh Mishra
    H/O Shobha Mishra
    Indira Colony

  305. Naveen T says:

    Sir my wife deliver expacted date is after 2 July so plz suggest which date and time is ever best for new born baby…plz reply me

  306. Chaitra says:

    Hi sir , pls can u suggest for Cesarean section date of my first baby in July month 2017, doctor given last date for normal upto 18th July , so pls reply me as soon as
    Thanks n regards,

  307. sonali says:

    looking for C section good auspicious dates in august & september 2017

  308. Padmapriya says:

    Can u kindly provide the sub muhurthas in August. As it’s a twin for me, doctor s have planned to deliver soon though my dates are in September. My nakshathra is pushya (cancer rasi) and my husband s is jyeshtha ( scorpion rasi).
    Thank you
    Padmapriya chennai

  309. Rachana says:

    Dear sir my wife delivery due date is from 30|6|2017 to 1|7|2017 already she had 2 creation so even know also doctor advised for c-section

  310. Jenifer vasanth says:

    Sir my delivery is July before 15th can u please say a good day and time…

  311. Hare Krishna says:


  312. Dr Pankaj Tiwary says:

    Kindly provide dates for C-section in August 2017..

  313. Vilas says:

    Dear sir my doctor give me 27 july 2017 for my c section delivery .. so plz give me gud muhurat time for my baby born on 27 july ..me and my husband both have scorpiyo rashi and my birthday is 23 /08 / 1985 and my husband ‘s birthday is 27 /07/1985

  314. Lavanya Arun kumar says:

    Need dates in the month of September 2017

  315. Bharati sikarwar says:

    Hello sir can you tell me auspicious date for child birth in august 2017 between 8 to 15

  316. tyagi says:

    after 15 July and before 7 august best date for c section

  317. Rajitha says:

    Dear Sir
    Please provide auspicious time for 25 August 2017 for my csection.

  318. Ranya says:

    Dear sir
    I am staying in Brunei . My delivery due date 15. Please give me good birth muhoortham in this date or suggest better time with in this day
    Yours sincerely

  319. Priyanka says:

    Please provide dates for August 2017 for c section delivery.

  320. Revansiddappa says:

    Hi Sir, we r from Bangalore and my wife Cesarean date planned on 13th (Thursday) July 2017.. can you please suggest us good time for birth.
    This will be our second baby.

  321. SHWETA kumari says:

    Dear sir , hamdono ke taraf se aapko pranam.my name is shweta Kumar and husband name is Santosh Kumar suman.my date of birth is 25/02/1989 staying in naihati , Kolkata.i am going to give birth to my Babi in BMRC hospital barrackpur. Doctor has given me time for surgerian delivery between 7 to 15 August .
    Please give me auspicious date for delivery in month of Aug 2017.
    SHWETA kumari

  322. murali says:

    Dear sir my doctor give August 1st week 2017 for my wife c section delivery .. so plz give me gud muhurat date and time for my baby born on 1st week August 2017 ..my wife kumbam rashi sathaiya natcharam and me bhanush rashi mulam natcharam my wife birthday is 21 /6 / 1992 and my birthday is 23 /10/1990

  323. Rashmi Ranjan says:

    My raasi is Scorpio and Nakshatra is Anuradha.
    My wife due date is 2nd Aug ,which fall under the same rasi and Nakshatra .
    Please let me know ,if it is bad for both of us

  324. Nidhi says:

    Namaskar sir, I am expecting baby ..and my date of delivery is 8 the November..I have to.go for c section.can u suggest me auspicious date to go for it
    Doctor has recommended ny date between 28th Oct to 10th Nov
    Thank u n waiting fr ur reply

  325. SONIA Sharma and Sanjay Sharma says:

    Dear sir my due date is 1st October.Kindy tell my the best day of 1 September to 1 October for my baby. Thanks to u.

  326. suriya says:

    Hello sir,

    My daughter is going to have c section during mid Sep 2017. Her star is Mrugasrisham.Son in law star is Rohini

    Kindly suggest few dates and time for the C section during mid sep 2017. They live in Seattle, WA state in USA

  327. Priyanka Haloi says:

    Please provide me auspicious dates for cesarean delivery of a baby in the month of October, 2017

  328. Yogita says:


    My name is yogita chauhan and husband name is naveen chauhan. My dob is 15 Feb 85 and husband dob is 30 Oct 81. Kindly suggest the best date for cessarian delivery between 11 aug to 15 Aug.

  329. Ranjana says:

    Auspicious dates for ceasarian between16-21st August 2017

  330. Om says:

    Which time is suitable for C section for baby on 7 Aug 17.please help us to take decision.

  331. Suriya says:

    Hello sir,

    I asked dates for c.section in September 2017. Her star Mrigasrisham.husband star Rohini
    Please email the auspicious time and date. They live in Seattle, WA,USA


    Hello respected sir please give me auspicious date for my c section in this week from 9th of Aug to15 th Aug please its urgent by today please let me know

  333. Giraffeoh says:

    Hi master,

    My estimate delivery date is 31 august 2017. I need to go for cesarean delivery. Could your advise me the auspicious date and time?
    My birth of date 04/06/1987 and my hubby birth of date 12/03/1987. Waiting for your advice.

  334. Ekta Kaushik says:

    Namaskar sir, my due date 16sep 2017
    I have to go for c section. …..
    25aug to 16 sep can u suggest best date for delivery for good nd healthy baby

  335. harsha says:

    September month plz provide

  336. NamratA says:

    Mention for October November 2017 dates for c section baby as I am due in between October and november

  337. Shivani Tandon says:

    Hello sir,Myself Mrs.Shivani Tandon.meri y second delivery h or hamare financial condition bahut kharab chl rahi h.. so plz suggest me lucky date & Time in 20 to 30 September.

  338. Sindhu says:

    I have to go for c section on 31 August 2017.can u suggest me shubh muhurat on that day?

  339. Sindhu says:

    Is it good to deliver baby on same nakshatra of mother?

  340. Harsha says:

    Kindly provide dates for September month in 2017

  341. Nitu says:

    I m going to for caesarean baby in September 2017 tell me auspicious day

  342. Rajesh Soni says:

    Best dates for ceserian from 1 to 5th Sept.17. place of birth will be Alwar, Rajasthan.

  343. SHAIK BAJI SAHEB says:

    Please provide dates for September 2017 for C- section delivery..

  344. JhUma mishra says:

    Pls provide dates for cesearian deliver in Oct.

  345. Vanaja says:

    Hello Sir,
    Please provide date and Time for C-Section delivery from 6th to 10th Sep 2017. Place of birth is Chennai, TamilNadu. My Nakshatra is Rohini, Rishabam( 10/09/1982 10:10 AM). My Husband’s Nakshatra is Visagam, Virichagam (15/10/1977). My First Son Nakshatra is Uttradam, Magaram (05/10/2011 04:32 PM).


  346. Nirakar Jena says:

    can you please publish october auspicious date?

  347. Mr Prakash jit Hazarika says:

    Please give auspicious date for ceaserean from 10th oct/17to 5th /17oct.

  348. Renuka says:

    Please give Date from 9th oct to 11th oct 2017 for c section for my 2nd child.
    My dob is 24/05/1988 n my hubby’s is 10/03/1983

  349. Sujatha says:

    Please let us know the best dates for csection delivery from december 15th to 30th 2017.Thank you in advance

  350. Parul Awasthi says:

    I’m Parul Awasthi my date of birth is 12/11/1984 time 1.50am i want to know best date and best time for for c section in between 28 October to 26 November

  351. pranab says:

    Where is Aupesious days for for c- section during Octorber 2017

  352. Sonam says:

    Dates for October month

  353. shreedhevi says:

    Kindly provide dates for october 2017 caesarean delivery

  354. Saravanan Kerishnan says:

    Pls give auspicious delivery date for oct and nov. Tq.

  355. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Please provide auspicious date for child birth in October month of year 2017

  356. Venkata says:

    Please provide the c section dates till nov n dec 2019

  357. Ritu Singh says:

    Dear Sir, Please specify the auspicious dates and time (Muhurt) of C section Delivery/ birth in the month of October, 2017.

  358. Pankaj says:

    My wife’s expected due date is 16th Oct 2017. kindly provide shubh muhurat for deliver a babby between 12th Oct to 20th Oct

  359. Kiarn says:

    Expected delivery is in October and please send me the auspicious dates in October, thanks

  360. Bala says:

    My due date is Nov 22nd ,please share Nov month auspicious day after 10th of Nov’17.

  361. Salma Suhail says:

    My due date I’d December 15th 2017. Please tell me which is good days for c section b/w Dec 10th & 17th.. please mail me salmanizamali786@gmail.com

  362. Priya says:

    Kindly please provide the auspicious c-section delivery dates for December 2019

  363. Arun says:

    Kindly update December dates.. Plz….

  364. PB says:

    we are expecting baby december end/jan beginning. 22 Dec – 27 Dec is panchak kaal and 27-28 has gand mool. Are these days safe ?

  365. Govindha says:

    Which dates are suitable for child delivery in July 2018

  366. Pls tell me march month 2019 auspicius time for c-section.

  367. Sunil Kumar says:

    Give me dates for April for delivery… *sunilcharpe.1981@gmail.com*… 8120004914

  368. Shweta says:

    Please provide me the best baby delivery date in 10th to 25th april 2019.I would be highly obliged to you…it is very necessary for me,beacuase am unhealthy now.Thank you in advance.

  369. Lathashiva says:

    One best in 2019 January for c section suggest me