Auspicious dates in 2023 for Cesarean deliveries | When to deliver a baby in 2023 best time & shubh muhurat

Auspicious C-section dates timings cesarean delivery

Auspicious C-section dates timings cesarean delivery

Auspicious dates in 2023 for Cesarean deliveries, When to deliver a baby in 2023 best time, shubh muhurat. Good days for child birth in 2023. C-section dates.

Hindupad is receiving number of queries on shubh muhurats for Cesarean deliveries in 2023. We have found some auspicious dates in 2023 during when pregnant women can deliver babies.

This list of good dates for cesarean deliveries is included with shubha nakshatra, Shubha lagna, Shubha muhurta and shubha visesha tithi.

Cesarean delivery dates and Muhurthams in 2022

Here are the general shubha muhurthams for safe delivery in each month of 2023.

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Auspicious Cesarean Delivery Muhurat in January 2023

2 January 2023, Monday – Bharani Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 10.30 AM to 11 AM

3 January 2023, Tuesday – Krittika Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 11 AM to 11.30 AM

5 January 2023, Thursday – Mrigashira Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 11.40 AM to 12 Noon

6 January 2023, Friday – Ardra Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 11 AM to 11.35 AM

12 January 2023, Thursday – Poorva Phalguni Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 9.30 AM to 9.52 AM

13 January 2023, Friday – Uttara Phalguni Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 11.30 AM to 11.54 AM

14 January 2023, Saturday – Hasta Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 11 AM to 11.20 AM

16 January 2023, Monday – Swati Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 9.30 AM to 9.56 AM

18 January 2023, Wednesday – Anuradha Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 10.40 AM to 11 AM

23 January 2023, Monday – Dhanishta Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 10.25 AM to 10.45 AM

24 January 2023, Tuesday – Shatabhisha Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 10.20 AM to 10.40 AM

25 January 2023, Wednesday – Poorvabhadra Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 10.15 AM to 10.35 AM

26 January 2023, Thursday – Uttarabhadra Nakshatram, Auspicious Time for child birth = 10.00 AM to 10.06 AM

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Please Note : These Muhurat are given for educational purpose only. You can utilise this information purely on your own discretion and Hindupad does not take any responsibility of the accuracy or significance of any aspect of the Astrological horoscope, Muhurats, numerology & other astrological services and cannot be responsible for any interpretation or use that may be made of it.

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