Arudra Nakshatram | Ardra Nakshatra Astrology Predictions

Arudra Nakshatram, Ardra Nakshatra Astrology Predictions, Arudra Nakshatra horoscope, features, aspects of Arudra Nakshatra natives. 

Ardra Nakshatra or Arudra Nakshatram, the Ardra birth star constellation, is the 6th Nakshatram among the list of 27 birth star constellations in Hindu Astrology. Ardra Nakshatram is categorized under Mithuna Rashi (Gemini zodiac).

You, Ardra nakshtra natives, will lead a happy and comfortable life with wealth and luxuries. You will have faith in God and religion. Many people will be pleased and satisfied by your virtuous deeds. With your hard work and labor you will earn a lot of money. You will own lot of jewelries.

You will perform all the rituals sincerely and regularly. You belong to the Gemini sign, which indicates that you will be an expert in the art of lovemaking and sex. And you will have a thorough knowledge of this subject.

Your eyes will have a reddish tinge and your hair will be curly. All the parts of your body will be beautiful, healthy and proportionate. Your nose will be long. You will have a keen interest in attaining knowledge and will be a learned person. You might work as messenger.

Due to your sharp brain you will be quick to read other peoples mind. Your behavior will be polite and humble to everyone in the society.

Your voice will be sweet and melodious and will please everyone. You will be jovial by nature and your talk will make others laugh. You will be a carefree sort of person and will love food. You will be a heavy eater.

Your keen interest in music and dance will lead you to have a thorough knowledge of these two forms of art. You will be friendly with the important people. Read the previous post on Ardra Nakshatra astrology predictions and horoscope predictions. Click here to know which nakshatra belongs to which rasi..

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  1. mounika bonagiri says:

    Hi i am mounika. i was born on jan 18th 1992 , arudhra-1 nakshatra mithuna rasi,now i am in relationship with rakesh (ke born on march 31st 1991 chitra3 nakshtra tula rasi). i have seen in many websites about arudhra nakshatra that their life wont be happy after marriage either they will get divorced or husband will die early. this year we are planning to get married. please suggest me what to do to have a happy life, seriously i am very depressed by seeing all these. please help me .
    Thank you


    i was born in Bhimavaram at 4:31 AM on 12th October’1979
    My Nakshatra : Aarudra
    My Rasi : Mithuna Rasi

    i was interested to do Business from last 4 years but i was unable to do
    next year i am planning to do pickle business is it suitable for me
    kindly suggest me about business time in future
    presently i am facing finance problems a lot
    when i can get relief from finance problems

    about business in future

  3. smruti Ranjan Gouda says:

    I am Smruti Ranjan Gouda born in 23-Feb-1983 having Gemini Rashi(6/3), Ardra Nakhatra and Kumbha Lagna.
    I want to know about my future job oppertunities.Thanking You.

  4. Pragasan says:

    Ardra born must offer worship to Lord Shiva on Ardra nachatra which falls on Chaturdasi or panchami thithi,it worked wonders for me.

  5. Shruthi Bhat says:


    I am 24 year girl from adra Nakshatra and mithuna rashi. Unmarried girl.
    I was looking about my nakshantra online and i have read that my married life will not be happy and will be full of difficulty. Either there can be a divorce or death of my husband. Is it true?? I wanted to know whether this is true.

    Thanks and Regards,

  6. Chinu says:

    10/3/ of birth girl time 8.38pm please give me the marriage date

  7. Liji Mariam Rajan says:

    14-12-1989. date of birth. girl. (Thiruvathira nakstram) . yanik lot of tensions. marriage . valara parajudum daily vettil fighting.
    kalyanam paraumpol valra angry. valara mosamai sasram. father,mother yanthum paraum.
    please marriage ariyan thalparam yunda. please reply.
    yanik please mail ayaku. please

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    last year i faced a delay in higher studies will it be same this year ?

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    Myself Thulasi born on 5/2/1982, Mithuna Rashi, Arudra Nakshatra, in Bangalore, early morning 6:00, iam married a Vrushchika rashi man Sudhakar 6/4/1969, we both always think opposite, we both are working, having two girl kids, no yet save a single rupee now my daughter’s is in 8th std & 6th std already, we are not able to save money, because of our less salary, so we are planing to do some business, please tell me the good business which is suitable for me.

    Thanking you so much, i will be waiting for your reply.

  125. S says:

    Thank you so much for posting the positive aspect of this star.

  126. B.Eswari says:

    i am a mithuna born of 23-08-1984 time 2.30 Am in portblair.i belong to arudra nakshatra.when i will marry

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    i am a mithuna born of 14.01.1987 time 6:00 am in kolkata.i belong to arudra nakshatra and dhanu lagna can anyone say when will i get a job?and should i marry a kumva born of 20.10.1984 and 10:00pm in diamond harbour,south 24 parganas,west bengal?

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    i was born on arp 19 2012 at 16:53 provide me with my future life

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    I Was born on 19th nov 1986 at 7.05pm in srikakulam i want to know when is my marriage and how is my future

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    my baby was born on 28th July 2011 how is the future of my Daughter

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    I war born on 13.10.1987,tuesday night 1.30 at srikulam.plz tel me about job,marriage

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    about my marriage this year and her status or profession

  133. s.satish kumar says:

    i was born on 14/04/1978 in arudra nakshtram, kumbha lagnam at 3:45 Am what will be my financial growth and what is future and how is my married life please telme.

  134. Kiran kumar MC says:

    I was born on 5th april 1987 in aurudra nakshatra at 93:30 am . I want to know my prifessional and married life . I am fasing more problems , plz tel me the reason and solution for this.

  135. Sibu says:

    I am born on 22-03-1972, time Durgapurat 6.24 P.M,Mithun Rashi,Ardra Nakshatra, Kanya Lagna. Pl. tell of my financial growth, my high education,health and when my marriage will take place and what kind of person? Is it arrange or love marriage? Also tell about my future.

  136. Rekha says:

    I am born on 8-02-1979. time 23:50p.m. can any one tell when my marriage will take place and with what kind of person. I am really facing lots of problem because of this

  137. kumaresh says:

    I am born On 4 -June -1981, time 6.30 Am in Bangalore, Thursday mithuna rashi, ardra nakshathra. I want to know my profession life, married life. I am facing more problems at home and with

  138. Kruthika says:

    I am born On 20 -Jan -1989, time 10.40 Am in Bangalore, Friday mithuna rashi, ardra nakshathra. I want to know my profession life, married life. I am facing more problems at home and with marrying person. Plz…………………………guide me…..

  139. Vaddadi Vasanta Lakshmi Soujanya says:


    Soujanya is my daughter. Her DOB is 14-9-1998. Ardra Nakshatra. Time 7-20 p.m., Monday. She is beautiful but very childish. How is her future? married life, professional life etc. Please let me know.

  140. kavitha N says:

    I am born on 25.06.1979 time 2.30 afternoon approx in Bangalore. I married a man with vrischika rashi moola nakshatra. We are not in good terms please help? How is my Future?

  141. kishore says:

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