Yellu Amavasya | Ellu Amavasi

Yellu Amavasya or Ellu Amavasi largely marks the perfect culmination of the Kharif season cross India. It is observed on new moon day in December-January.

The villagers along with their family members, relatives and friends on this auspicious day visit the Maruto temple in the early morning. They do prayers and perform rituals according to the Hindu tradition and culture. Most of the Hindu religious devotees observe fasting on this particular day.

In the afternoon, the family members along relatives and friends visit their respective fields. They take along with them a wide variety of home-made dishes such as bread from bajra, Holige, a mixed vegetable curry, milk, butter, curd etc. They worship their field by picking five smooth stones from their field and performing rituals and prayers to them.

Later, the head of the household throws a small quantity of these dishes in the four directions as offering to the field. The left out portion of the food items are had by the family members, relatives and friends.

Rich and large farm holders also give gifts to all those labors who toiled for them in order to get better harvest through that field. The labors are also invited to the field. They are also regarded as the part and parcel of their prosperity through the agricultural land.

It is to be noted that the family members, their relatives, friends and labor stay in the field till evening by conducting some games and cultural program for entertainment and time pass.

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