Worship is the best Ship to Sail

Krishna Vishwaroopam image

Krishna Vishwaroopam image

Natural calamities also called as natural disaster is a major destructive event which would cause lot of sufferings to the people living in the earth. These natural calamities include heavy rains and floods, storms, cyclones, Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. A natural disaster would cause lot of damage to the public property, and due to that, the normal life of the people would be severely affected.

If we check for the cause of these natural disasters, the main reason would be our lack of faith on god. Keeping proper faith and regular worship on god would reduce the severity of the natural disasters, and it would also give lot of benefits to the worshippers. Some of us are worshipping the god just for name sake only, and with great difficulty, and through the compulsion of others, we are visiting the temples.

Once, if we reach the temple, immediately bhakti should pour in our body from top to bottom, and then only, we would be able to realise the god, since worship is the best ship to sail in order to reach safely in the shore. For getting attached with the god, one should have done lot of good karmic deeds in his past births.

As per the sayings of Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita, “Oh my dear Arjuna, don’t try to run away from difficult situations. You could be able to develop more confidence, courage and bravery only by worshipping me. Without my help, you could not do anything in your life. I am the creator of everything in the world. I am also creating the natural disasters like flood, cyclone, earth quake and storms in order to make the people to realise me. But even during that difficult times people forgets about me and about my presence on their souls. They are showing their attention only on safeguarding their valuable things, but they didn’t pay their attention on me. If they do like that, then how can they blame on me, for their sufferings. In order to lead a normal life, keep worshipping me, me and me only, since worshipping alone would give lot of fruitful results to the people in the world”.


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