Why is Ganesh the first God invoked in all Pujas and rituals

lord ganesh-ganapati deva

lord ganesh-ganapati deva

Why is Ganesh worshipped first among all Gods? What is the reason behind worshipping Ganesha as Aadideva in all rituals and pujas? Ganesh or Ganapati is worshipped before starting or initiating any puja or ritual as per Hinduism. Lord Ganesh is also called as Vinayaka, Vigneshwara, Vignahantri, Gajanana, Ganadhipa, Gananayaka, Lambodara and Ekadanta.

Not only in India but in China, America, Tibet, Japan, Burma, Nepal and Iran Lord Ganesh is worshipped. In every puja, all energies are dedicated mainly to Ganapati. Ganesha is elephant headed with elephant ears and huge stomach. As per the Rig Veda, Ganesha is described as ‘Sarvagna (the one with full of wisdom).

Many legends in the Puranas describe the birth of Ganesha. Shiva Purana, Narada Purana, Brahmavivartha Purana, Skanda Purana and Ganesh Purana had several different legends that explain Ganeshs birth.

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Elephant is considered as the most intelligent animal which can guide its fellow animals. Elephants ears are so wide that can hear a sound from even 10 Km distance. It can predict the forthcoming obstacles and solve that obstacle with foresight. Hence Ganesha is called as Vignahantri and Vigneshwara.

Ganesha is the God who can guide his devotees to success with predicting the forthcoming obstacle and destroying the evil forces. This is the reason why Ganesha is worshipped first of all Gods. Invocation to Lord Ganesh first of all Gods makes the devotees wish to be fulfilled with great success.

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    story of why ganesha is worshipped first purana