When King Mahabali Left Earth?



When King Mahabali Left Earth? What is the story of Mahabali leaving the Earth?

By practicing atmanivedanam, mahabali Bali obtained Moksha, as illustrated by old Indian scripts and scriptures. By reading Sri Rūpa Gosvāmīs Bhakti-rasāmrta-sindhu, we get acquaintance that Sri Krishna stated that Mahabali approached Him.

From Adhatya Ramayana, we acquire the further information that the royal guard of Bali’s world or Sutala, named as Vamana will continue to do his duty for the rest of the times.

The famous ancient manuscript, Ramcharitmanas, written by Tulsidas, also illustrates that Vamana converted into the royal guard of Bali’s haven. As stated in Vamana Purana, Mahabali Bali arranged Aswamedha sacrifice at Kurukshetra. The aftermath of this sacrifice was Bali underprivileged the king Indra of his own kingdom.

Compliment from the King to Bali

Bhavishyottara Purana unleashes the fact that king must show admiration to Mahabali as the future King of the Devatas.

Bali’s Kurukshetra Visit

It is said that Bali visted Kurukshetra for showing his regards.

Geological and Marine Events

Scholar Preston Peet illustrates that: the ancient civilization used to interpret the events between Mahabali and Vamana as the geological change. It is regarded as maritime to landward development.

Devas and Asuras

Mainly two groups of Aryans lived in the time of Rigveda. One was Indo-Aryans and other was Dasyu or Irano-Aryans. There were twin sisters, named Aditi and Diti whom these individual groups believed as a mother of God respectively. Bali was the successor of the second group. In the old days “Persinas or Parsus” was used alternatively for denoting “Rakshasas” In Panini’s Parshvadigana, the above motioned word is used simultaneously with Asuras. In the writing of D. R. Bhandarkar, some of these interesting facts about ancient India are found.

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