When King Mahabali Left Earth?


When King Mahabali Left Earth? What is the story of Mahabali leaving the Earth? By practicing atmanivedanam, mahabali Bali obtained Moksha, as illustrated by old Indian scripts and scriptures. By reading Sri Rūpa Gosvāmīs Bhakti-rasāmrta-sindhu, we get acquaintance that Sri Krishna stated that Mahabali approached Him. From Adhatya Ramayana, we acquire the further information that […]

Vamana Avatar: Lord Vishnu’s Fifth incarnation


Lord Vishnu appeared before generous King Mahabali in the form Vamana, saying that he was a famished Brahmin and desired a piece of land. At this, the king generously obliged Vamana to have as much land as he wanted in his kingdom. Vamana made a witty retort by saying that he wanted land area covered by […]

Why Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana?

Bali vamana story

Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana or the ‘midget incarnation’ during the Thretha Yuga (The second leg of Manvantara) and before the occurrence of the great Ramayana. He incarnated during the time of Emperor Mahabali (also known as Maveli or Bali). This is the first incarnation of Lord Vishna in full human form. Present Kerala (a […]

The Story of Maveli (Mahabali)

The Story of Maveli, Mahabali.. What is the story of King Maveli..? It is believed that Mahabali ruled the Southern region of India before the occurrence of Ramayana. It also is believed that his kingdom extended from the Vindhyas in the North to the down South. Lord Vishnu was not worshipped by the Asuras. Lord […]