What is the Supreme Power of this Universe?

What is the Supreme Power of this Universe? Gurji (Sri Sri Ravishankar: Art of Living founder) explains about the supreme power of the universe.

Supreme Power is the simplest power. See, atom is everywhere, right? The whole universe is covered by atoms. Everything is made up of atoms. But an atomic power station is different. In the same way, the Supreme Power is the simplest, most easily available, cheapest commodity – you can’t even call it commodity; it is the basis of all of existence. It is not up there somewhere. It is like space, like the field. If you ask me where is the magnetic field of the Earth? It is everywhere!

It is even more subtle than the magnetic field which is present everywhere, all the time, and with the same intensity. It is not that the supreme power is somewhere there.
Instead of calling it Supreme Power, we should say, the Basic Power, the existence. That is what the ancient people called it – Existence. ‘Sat’ – that which Is, and ‘Chitta’, which is conscious and is blissful.

How do you experience the bliss of that Supreme Power, or the substratum of universe? By being quiet and turning your mind inward. By practice, bliss comes to the surface.

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