What is Panchangam? (Hindu Religious Calendar / Almanac)

Panchangam is an ancient Hindu almanac and calendar which perfectly follows the traditional and ancient units of timekeeping in Indian form and present significant dates and their right calculations in the form of tabular format for easy understanding and simple language.

It is often spelled as Panchānga, Panchaanga, Panchanga, or Pancanga in certain regions in India and is largely pronounced Panchāngam. It is used in Jyotisha. Panchangam is referred to as Panjika in north eastern states of Indian including Odissha, West Bengal and Assam.

Panchangam is written and published by several learned authors, academics, universities and societies. Only minutely, different publications differ to a large extent. It helps in forecasting celestial phenomena like forecast weather (dryspells and rain), solar and lunar eclipses and much more mundane occurrences.

The perfect study of Panchangam largely involves right understanding of the direct and indirect impact of the sign of zodiac and Rasi Phala on the individual. On the other hand, most of the astrologers consult the panchangam in order to set auspicious dates for worldly activities as per religion, corporate mergers, house warming, personal or business new ventures and for weddings.

It is to be remembered that the actual casting of a panchangam largely involves sound understanding of astronomical phenomena and elaborate mathematical work directly involving high level of spherical geometry. On the basis of short-cut formulations as per the propounded by religious scholars and ancient Vedic sages, the tabulation is done in practical.

Even the sidereal movements of heavenly bodies such as the positions of Sun, Moon, and other planets are studied. With the help of position of latitude and longitude plus 24-hour format IST (time of day) is used for fixing the calculation related to a given individual. Most of the Hindus strongly believe in Panchangam and they do and don’t ventures related to personal or business life without consulting Panchangam.

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