What is Donation?

What is Donation? To give people what they need is donation, not what you feel like giving. If you donate clothes to somebody who already have many clothes, it is of no use. Instead give clothes to people who need clothes. Similarly giving food to somebody who owns a restaurant is foolishness. But give food to hungry and clothes to people who need them. This is donation.

There is a story. Once everybody – Gods, Demons and Humans went to Prajapati (the lord of creatures). They asked him for something. He said, “Da Da Da.”
And then he told them to explain the meaning. All three decoded different meanings. To the demon it meant to have compassion (daya) because demons lack compassion. To humans it meant donation (daan). Give what you have as donation. For Gods it meant suppression (daman). Daman means to control the senses. This is the story.

So, it is important donate to people who need it, not to those who don’t need it. If you donate a cow to a poor man who can’t feed himself, how will he feed the cow? If you donate a dictionary to a man who is illiterate, what will he do with it? Only give to those who deserve it!

Note – Its an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s Art of Living Satsang.

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