Welcoming Maa Parvati to our Homes on Tuesdays, Chitra Pournami

Similar to welcoming Ma Lakshmi Devi to our homes on Fridays, we can also welcome Ma Parvati Devi to our homes on Tuesdays and on Chitra Pournami festival day, by drawing nice Kolams in our puja room, lighting of lamps, reciting mantras, and chanting of names of Ma Parvati Devi, and we have to decorate the picture of Ma Parvati Devi with flowers and flower garlands.

Ma Parvati Devi is the destroyer of powerful demons, and she would solve our enemy related problems. Though Tuesdays are considered as inauspicious days for performing marriage ceremonies and house warming functions, Tuesdays are meant for worshipping Ma Parvati and her son Lord Muruga.

The planet Tuesday also called as Angaraka, is an aspect of Lord Muruga, and it appears red in colour. Similarly Ma Parvati’s favourite colour is red, and in most of the temples, she would be dressed up in nice red coloured saris, especially on Tuesdays. As per legend, it is believed that the great sages like Upamanyu and Markandeya were born on Tuesdays, and famous kings like Prahalada and Dhruva used to perform Durga puja in their palaces during Tuesdays.

Ma Parvati is ready to permanently dwell in our homes, provided if we have utmost faith on her. Ancient kings and ordinary people used to welcome Ma Parvati on “VIJAYADASAMI FESTIVAL DAY”, by decorating their homes with flowers, and they used to prepare delicious Prasad items for offering it to the holy goddess, Ma Shakti Devi.

But at the present situation, lot of Hindus have been converted into other religions, and they are also criticising our Hindu religion. Some converted Hindus are commenting about the various names of Ma Shakti Devi, and they are also laughing while Amman songs are played in the Temples. In some of the houses of the Hindus, they are not willing to light the lamps in their puja room during mornings and evenings due to their laziness and negligence. Whatever act we commit, it would affect us only, but not the great almighty.

Hence let our welcome our holy mother, Ma Shakti Devi, to our homes, on Tuesdays, by bowing our hands in front of her picture in our puja room, and by lighting lamps, as a

“THANKS GIVING ACT” to the holy mother Ma Shakti Devi.


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