Periyachi Amman | Ferocious Aspect of Parvati Mata

Periyachi Amman | Ferocious Aspect of Parvati Mata… Periyachi is a ferocious aspect of Mata Parvati. She is also called as Periyachi Amman and she is also an incarnation of goddess Kali. Periyachi is considered as the protector of children and is worshipped for safe pregnancy and for good children.  Periyachi is popularly worshipped in […]

Parvati Avatars | Important Incarnations of Parvati Mata

IMPORTANT AVATARS OF PARVATI DEVI 1. Ishvari is the female form of Lord Shiva. She is the incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi. She is the sakthi element, who protects the entire universe along with Lord Shiva. She is worshipped in various names. She can be worshipped by reciting her various names and chanting her slokas. […]

Significance of Ardhanarishvara | Lord Shiva’s Half Man-Woman form


What is the Significance of Ardhanarishvara, Lord Shiva’s Half Man-Woman form? The importance of Ardhanarishvara Tathwa of Lord Shiva is mentioned here.. As the name Ardhanariswara means “Half Man-Woman”, it is the composite form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is depicted as half male and half female, right side male Shiva and left side […]

Ashok Sundari, Daughter of Lord Shiva & Parvati

Goddess Ashok Sundari is daughter of Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi. The name ‘Ashok Sundari’ means – ‘beautiful woman who is free from sorrow’ or the one who frees the sorrows from her devotees. Story of the birth of Ashok Sundari Once Goddess Parvati Devi went near a Kalpavriksha and wished the a beautiful girl […]

Story: Origin of Katyayani Mata

The story of the origin of the Avatar or Incarnation of Devi Shree Katyayani. Goddess Katyayani Mata is one of the manifestations of Goddess Parvathi Devi. Noting from prevalent records (Shri Durga Sapthashathi) our ancestors narrate the details of Avatar of Shree Katyayani thus:- The demon King Mahishasura after intense penance (Tapas) of years received […]

Holy Vehicle of Parvati Mata

As per ancient legend, once Ma Parvati left Kailash after getting the permission from Lord Shiva, and she reached the Holy Mountain Himalayas, and started performing penance on Lord Shiva, in order to increase her spiritual powers. During that time, a hungry lion visited the place of Ma Parvati, and first it thought of killing […]

Welcoming Maa Parvati to our Homes on Tuesdays, Chitra Pournami

Similar to welcoming Ma Lakshmi Devi to our homes on Fridays, we can also welcome Ma Parvati Devi to our homes on Tuesdays and on Chitra Pournami festival day, by drawing nice Kolams in our puja room, lighting of lamps, reciting mantras, and chanting of names of Ma Parvati Devi, and we have to decorate […]

Shiva is complete, then why does he get married to Parvati?

This is like asking if God is complete, then why did he create this world. A spider is complete, yet it creates a web by its own saliva, and moves within its own web. Waves rise in the ocean, then where do they go? Are they going somewhere? Why do they rise? Got it? The […]

Goddess Bhavani & Her consort Lord Shiva

Hindus have many gods and goddesses whom they worship. Each and every god has different names also. In Hindu mythology Goddess Bhavani is considered to be one of the ferocious goddesses. She represents Shakti or power. She is strongly believed to be the creator of energy. King Shivaji a Maratha ruler was a staunch believer […]

Mata Parvati, Goddess of power & her consort Lord Shiva

Goddess Parvati

Goddess Parvati, the daughter of the mountain king ‘Himavant’, is the wife of Lord Shiva and known to be the goddess of power. She is revered to by Hindus all over the world and regards her as Shakti. Mythology states that Shiva is incomplete without Parvati. She is also regarded as ‘Adi Parashakti’, since she […]

Biography of Goddess Parvati & her Consort Lord Shiva

The Goddess Parvati is one among the various forms of Shakti, the inexplicable however invigorating female strength in Hindu mythology, the feminine force of the cosmos.  The goddess Parvati is that the enlivening force that brings talent, power, prowess, and genius whereas she infuses the globe along with her magic. Goddess Parvati is that the […]

Relation between Lord Shiva & Parvati

Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati

Parvati, the daughter of mountain, is the second incarnation of Shakti i.e. the Divine Feminine.  As per Hindu mythology, she is the second wife of Lord Shiva after Sati. Soon after the death of Sati, it is believed that Shiva was disinterested from worldly affairs and started to live a life as an anchorite in […]

Goddess Parvati & Her Consort Lord Shiva (Divine Couple)

Goddess Parvati is known by the additional wife of god Shiva, The Hindu god of abolition and rejuvenation. However, she is not distinct from Sati, getting the reincarnation of Shiva’s first wife. Two loving sons of Parvati one is Ganesha and second is Kartikeya. Some communities as well accept her to be the sister of […]